10 Fun Ideas for Lapel Pins

10 Fun Ideas for Lapel Pins

Did you know that the first Pin and Patch Show took place in New York in 2016? It had over 2,000 people come through to purchase a variety of pins and patches.

Although lapel pins have existed for a long time they’re more popular now than ever before and they’re continuing to grow in popularity. Are you considering getting some lapel pins?

This guide will give you some ideas for pins you might love. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Create a Club Pin

Whether you’re in a school club or part of a national organization getting customized pins to reflect your membership is a great idea. If you’re part of a competitive club like a math club or debate team, lapel pins are a great way to show your team pride during competitions.

For national honor societies, you can wear your pin during group meetings and fundraising events to show your pride.

2. Showcase Your Love for Animals

You can also order custom lapel pins to showcase how much you love animals. You can get customized pins in the likeness of your pets. There are all kinds of dog and cat pins to choose from.

If you want some pins of your favorite wild animals, you can get some of these as well. Whether you’re a sloth fanatic or have an affinity for rare insects, you’ll find a pin to represent your interests.

An animal pin can be a great conversation starter and a way to find other animal lovers when you’re out and about.

3. A Sports Pin

Sports fans are a passionate group of individuals and a great community to be a part of. Show your support for your favorite team by getting a custom pin of their logo or mascot.

College football or major league baseball are major parts of American culture and you can rep your team with your very own lapel pin. You can also have custom pins made of a local community team or your child’s soccer team.

Show your loved ones you support their team by gifting each member their own enamel pin.

4. Showoff Your Love of Film

Other custom pins you might be interested in getting are ones of your favorite movie franchises. Are you a big Back to the Future fan? Or are you an admirer of some of the Hitchcock classics?

Order a few pins from your favorite films and display them on your favorite jean jacket or tote bag. These are great to wear during yearly special screenings of classic films.

You might even strike up a conversation with a fellow film lover and spend the afternoon discussing plot and character development.

5. An Education Pin

There are many kinds of education lapel pins you can choose from. A commemorative pin celebrating your or a loved one’s graduation date is one option.

You can also order a customized pin for a teacher or guidance counselor who was an important part of your school journey. You can also gift an enamel pin to a staff member before their retirement to show them how much their service has done for the students.

A simple enamel pin with your school logo or mascot to showcase your school pride is another option you have. Check out metalpromo.com/lapel-pins/ for more ideas.

6. Showcase Your Humor With a Meme Pin

If you love all things funny and internet-centric, you should consider ordering a meme lapel pin. If you grew up with meme culture you know how fun it can be to exchange memes and laugh with friends.

Your favorite meme will differ from everyone else but your meme pin will be a great way to stir fun discussion. Whether you’re a fan of the Salt Bae or Hotline Bling meme, you can order a pin of your favorite meme online.

7. Support an Important Cause

Other lapel pin ideas you might consider include getting a pin for an important cause. Whatever cause is close to your heart you can get a lapel pin to showcase your support.

You can wear a pin from a local charity that you want others to support. You can also wear a pin from a national organization that supports values that are important to you.

Certain causes like lupus or cancer awareness are designated during a specific month of the year so you can order these specialized pins for your friends and family to wear the whole month.

8. A Food Related Pin

Are you a lover of cheese and wine? Have you developed a love for baking in the last few years? Why not represent this love through a lapel pin?

Do you have a loved one who enjoys fine dining or has recently entered culinary school? You can also order a lapel pin as a gift for them.

There are all kinds of food-related pins to choose from.

9. A Book Pin

The studious person in your life will enjoy a lapel pin representing books. If you have a loved one that’s a fan of a particular series of books, you can also find a lapel pin representing those books.

There are lots of great pins to choose from for the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fans. Choose a pin representing the book covers, specific characters, or landmarks in the books.

10. A Corporate Pin

You can also choose business lapel pins for the company you run or work for. This is a great way to show the pride you feel representing the company or the hard work the other employees do each day.

Check Out These Ideas for Lapel Pins

Are you considering ordering some lapel pins? There are lots of ideas you can choose from like pins to represent your school pride or your favorite sports team.

Did you find great ideas in this blog? If you did, check out some of the other blogs on our site for more ideas.