10 Impactful College Degrees to Make a Difference

10 Impactful College Degrees to Make a Difference

In 2010, only 29.9 percent of Americans held a bachelor’s degree or higher. However, in 2019, that number increased to 36 percent. So, there’s no doubt that an increasing number of individuals are pursuing higher education.

Whether you’ve just finished high school or are considering going back to school, there is an array of meaningful college degrees available. In this post, we will consider some majors to make a difference in the world!

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1. Alcohol and Drug Counseling Studies

Today, there are a tremendous amount of individuals suffering from substance abuse. But, unfortunately, without the proper help, full recovery is nearly impossible.

In this college program, you can learn how to become a substance abuse counselor and aid individuals in their recovery journey. Of course, this program overlaps with a psychology degree, as you need to understand behavior patterns to help patients identify their triggers and prevent them from relapsing.

2. Biochemistry

If you excel in chemistry and biology, this degree is the perfect choice for you! Biochemistry students learn about the processes that make human life possible. They also study topics such as disease and heredity, which allows biochemists to make breaking discoveries.

3. Chemical Engineering

As the world’s population rises, more chemical engineers are needed to develop sustainable materials and chemicals. They are also fundamental to researching new pharmaceuticals.

4. Civil Engineering

Another problem caused by industrialization and the rising population is the strain it puts on urban areas. Civil engineers play an essential role in developing smarter cities. They create better plans for buildings, parks, sewage systems, and even bridges to ensure that they are safe and meet the needs of a growing number of civilians.

5. Communications

These days, countless organizations are advocating for important causes. However, charities and non-profits need communication specialists to spread the word about their objectives and generate support from the public.

Pursuing a career in communications enables you to craft effective messages and navigate mass media, which is essential for government agencies, politicians, companies, and organizations.

6. Criminology

Criminology students learn about criminal behavior, the criminal justice system, and other crime-related topics. This knowledge allows them to work in several fields, including law enforcement. In addition, some students use their degrees to advocate for change within the justice system, making the world a safer place for everyone.

7. Education

Educating younger generations ensures that the world continues to change for the better. So, educators have an important role in shaping the world. Moreover, there are many ways to make a difference as a teacher, such as working in special needs programs or becoming an ESL teacher.

8. Environmental Sustainability

Deforestation, climate change, erosion, and other environmental issues threaten life on our planet. Environmental scientists examine these problems and come up with solutions to combat them.

9. Gender Studies

Gender equality and recognition are popular issues these days. So this is one of the best degrees for activists. They work hard to educate the general public and encourage them to change troubling patterns of how people treat certain gender identities.

10. Healthcare Administration

While doctors and nurses are essential jobs, healthcare administration professionals are just as important. They keep healthcare systems up and running, ensuring that everyone is doing their job and that the patients’ needs are met.

Choosing Impactful College Degrees

These ten college degrees are just some of the social change majors offered by colleges. So no matter which you choose, you can use your newfound knowledge to change the world!

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