3 Signs that You Should Consider Moving a Family Member to Assisted Living

3 Signs that You Should Consider Moving a Family Member to Assisted Living
source: elderlymanagement.com

Deciding to move someone you know to a retirement home is not always easy. A lot of people feel like they will lose some of their freedom by doing this, and yes, they will have to abide by certain rules when living there. But there are so many benefits to living in a retirement community, especially if they’re suffering from health issues. Assisted living facilities in particular could be a good option if the person in question is starting to lose mobility or mental faculties. Here are some of the signs that you should consider moving someone to an assisted living facility.

They are Becoming Irritable or Confused

If you notice that the person you want to place in an assisted living facility isn’t the person you once remembered, then this is one of the clearest signs that they need help. If they are usually always cheery but have suddenly started to have mood swings or tend to forget simple things, then they could be starting to suffer from dementia or cognitive decline. You will need to get a diagnosis first, but in most cases, this doesn’t happen for no reason, and you can be almost certain that things will deteriorate over time.

They’re Feeling Isolated

If on top of this you notice that they are becoming more withdrawn or they’re craving attention, but you can’t always be there for them, then you need to consider an assisted living facility for their own good. A good facility will not only assist them with everyday tasks and administer medication/emergency aid but will also help them feel like they’re truly part of a community.

If you live in the Haddonfield area and you’re looking for a facility that focuses on the community aspect, we suggest you check out Brandywine assisted living Haddonfield. Facilities like this offer all sorts of community-building activities but also allow people to have privacy while being in a protected environment. This is the perfect place for someone who needs supervision but still wants to feel autonomous and have a social life.

Unusual Accidents

If you’re hearing that one of your relatives has suffered a freak accident in their home or elsewhere, then you need to look at the situation and find out what happened. People don’t just fall for no reason, so if the person fell while doing something simple like getting out of bed or walking in the street without tripping on something, then you might want to look at assisted living.

They might be suffering from severe bone issues or losing muscle mass. In some cases, they might be able to get by for a while, but there’s a strong chance that they will need help to attend to their basic needs at some point. So, we would suggest that you at least start looking at facilities with them and see if they would be open to the idea.

If you notice any of these things with the person you are thinking of sending to an assisted facility, then you should definitely think of the option. They will be safer and might actually appreciate having people taking care of them 24/7, so don’t assume that they will be opposed to the idea.