3 Surefire Tips for Choosing the Best Forestry Mulcher

3 Surefire Tips for Choosing the Best Forestry Mulcher

For thousands of years, people have taken it upon themselves to turn unusable land into earth they can farm or build on. Clearing land used to take weeks or months of manual toiling, but modern equipment makes the feat much easier.

Using a forestry mulcher is a fast and easy way to clear land, but you can’t pick one at random. Take a look at these tips on how to choose a forestry mulcher to ensure your job goes well.

1. Know How Much Land You’re Clearing

Don’t pick out a forestry mulcher before evaluating the amount of land you plan to clear. Getting a mulcher that’s larger than you need means spending a lot of money for a quick job. Picking a small mulcher to work on a huge plot could extend the project past your planned timeline.

However, pause before assuming that you want a small mulcher for a small piece of land or a large mulcher for a bigger plot, don’t stop there. If you’re buying a forestry mulcher, chances are good that you expect to use it for several jobs.

If you’re doing one large job and plan to clear lesser plots of land after that, it might make sense to get a smaller mulcher and take some extra time on that initial project. On the flip side, getting a large mulcher for a small initial land-clearing job makes sense if you’ll do major projects in the future.

2. Consider What You’re Mulching

Another factor you should consider before picking out a forestry mulcher is the kind of terrain you expect to clear. If you’re working through weeds, saplings, and young trees, you don’t need the heaviest-duty forestry mulchers.

Getting a stronger mulcher than required is less of an issue than getting a forestry mulcher that’s not made for intense work and using it on rough terrain. That could break your investment in an instant.

If you’ll be doing several jobs, get a forestry mulcher from Fecon or another brand that lets you mix and match forestry mulcher head attachments. If you can’t switch attachments, you’ll be stuck with a one-purpose machine.

3. Weigh the Price of the Forestry Mulcher vs. Potential Profit

Unless you’re hired by someone else, a bonus of forestry mulching to clear land is that you can use or sell the product. Choosing a large forestry mulcher is always tempting because the bigger the machinery is, the faster you clear the land.

Yet, larger mulchers cost more than their smaller counterparts. If you plan on selling mulch or reusing it in a landscaping or farming project, weigh potential profit against the cost of the mulcher. Overspending on a large mulcher defeats the purpose of trying to make money from mulching, so crunch the numbers before making your choice.

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These tips on picking out the best forestry mulcher for you ensure you won’t waste your money on improper equipment.

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