3 Tips For Choosing The Right Wool Quilt For Australians

Wool Quilt
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you plan to move and live in Australia permanently, you need to prepare yourself for the extreme weather temperatures that will become a huge problem to deal with. Most of the time, Australia will experience the coldest weather during June, July, and August. A fun fact about Australia’s coldest weather is that it reached the lowest temperature of -23.0 degrees C on June 29, 1994, which speaks a lot about the country.

Once you are already settled in your new Australian home, ensure you get everything needed to prepare for the coming cold seasons. One important piece you will most likely need is an Australian wool quilt, perfect for sleeping off the cold days and nights. If you want to get the perfect wool quilt, make sure to remember the different helpful tips.

Quilt Size is Always Important

Many Australians think they can randomly take a wool quilt off the store shelves because they are all the same size. However, looking over the details is not the best way to learn the wool quilt’s size because you will most likely choose the wrong one. If you want to get the perfect sized wool quilt, ensure you read the complete detail.

Before you look for any wool quilts, make sure you already have measured your bed size to narrow your searches. A good tip when selecting a quilt size in Australia is to go one size bigger to make the quilt’s edges cover the entire bed and make it hang at the sides. It also provides the best comfortability since you do not have to keep tugging it away from your partner.

Keep In Mind Your Budget

The next tip you should remember when looking for an Australian wool quilt is figuring out your budget. Depending on its type, size, and brand, prices for every wool quilt will always vary, so you have to be strategic if you do not want to waste your money. However, many buyers always follow an excellent tip to over budget when buying wool quilts because it gives them more options.

The more option you have, the better chances you acquire the perfect wool quilt for your bed. Note that Australia will experience cold and hot seasons every year, so you have to prepare quilts for each season to achieve the highest level of comfortability when lying down in your bed.

If you think your budget cannot afford high-quality Australian wool quilts, expect to have problems once you use them. Cheap wool quilts will always have underlying problems, like a soft fabric that can be torn right away. It will only be a waste of your money if you move forward with cheap wool quilts, so it is best to save up until you can buy one that is durable and will last longer.

Learn The Type Of Wool Used

The best type of wool that is the best option for many Australians is one made from alpacas. You can find that alpaca wool is water-resistant, extremely lightweight, and three times warmer than the standard sheep’s wool. So if you want something to keep you warm during the cold months, you might find alpaca wool quilts the best option.

If you want to get the best wool quilts, purchase them from reliable stores like MIG Textiles. They are one of the many stores that offer high-quality products that will be worth your money.


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