4 Cute Summer Hairstyles You Should Try Rocking in 2021

4 Cute Summer Hairstyles You Should Try Rocking in 2021

Close your eyes and recall a bad day, probably a dreary Monday, where things just couldn’t seem to go your way. How do you carry yourself? How much energy do you have?

Now switch to a new scene and imagine your hairstylist swiveling you around to reveal the best haircut of your life. You sway your head back and forth in the mirror and take in the inescapable awesomeness that is YOU. You can’t stop running your fingers through your luscious locks and all the world is right.

That bad day seems like a far-off memory now doesn’t it? It’s hard to even imagine what that feels like.

That’s the power of “new hair” energy. You feel unstoppable. You can’t help but stop and admire yourself in shop windows and random mirrors around the house.

So let’s channel that energy and review some cute summer hairstyles to kick off this year’s long-awaited summer season.

1. Extensions

Looking for a long, sexy hairstyle without all the commitment? Or looking to try some unique hairstyle ideas that require long, voluminous hair? Extensions are the way to go. In today’s fast-paced world, we all crave that satisfaction that comes from instant gratification.

Extensions take only a couple of hours (maybe less) in the chair and can easily last for months. Typical high-quality extensions will need to be re-applied every 4 – 8 weeks but can often be re-used several times a year.

This method is a great way to transform your look, add tons of length and also have the freedom to change your mind at any given moment. Getting tired of your luscious, Rapunzel-inspired locks? No problem. Simply see your hairstylist for safe removal.

2. Shaggy Layered Looks

This look has recently become very popular with a number of celebrities including Mariah Carey.

A long and layered look with a shaggy, loose vibe can totally set you off into the summer season with style. It’s sexy. It’s fun. It’s different!

3. Bangs Are Back!

We know, we all have that embarrassing middle school photo where our bangs were NOT our best friend.

So brace yourself for this season’s burst of bang-inspired looks. Look no further than J. Lo to see how bangs are now the sexy must-have for summer hairstyles.

4. Natural Hairstyles & Curls

Thankfully, as the beauty industry has become more inclusive and diverse we have seen a resurgence of more natural hairstyles. Praise!

These poppin’ and natural summer haircuts include everything from curly bangs to luscious fros and even soft, curly locks.

Now Go Kick Off Hot Girl Summer With These Cute Summer Hairstyles!

How we feel about ourselves is powerful. Hair has a lot to do with that power. When our hair is just right, we feel just right.

That’s why your hair deserves the best products for this year’s #HotGirlSummer, and these cute hair ideas are the perfect place to start.

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