4 Key Benefits of Protein Powders

Protein Powders

Australians spend a whopping $8.5 billion on sports equipment, gym memberships, and fitness trends every year. However, it seems that sports nutrition is not limited to gym fanatics and bodybuilders anymore.

It has become more appealing to dieters and every consumer who has a healthy and active lifestyle. That is why it is not a surprise that the most widely consumed supplement is protein powders. You can choose from a variety of Australia’s best protein powders.

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Why is Protein Powder Beneficial?

Today, one of the most popular nutritional supplements is protein powder. Protein is the leading macronutrient that helps repair tissues, build muscles, and generate hormones and enzymes. Protein powder can also help in losing weight.

Protein is important for your body since it can help in making your bones and skin healthier. In addition, it is needed by your body in producing essential chemicals.

There are several types of protein powder, such as plant-based and dairy-based powders. Given below are some of the potential health benefits of protein powder.

Muscle Growth

It is undeniable that protein is necessary for muscle growth. Therefore, many gym enthusiasts and athletes drink protein shakes since they believe that these drinks can help them gain more muscles after strength training.

An analysis of 49 studies conducted in 2018 concurs that the use of protein supplementation fits this purpose.

Based on the research, protein supplements can help improve muscle size and strength if accompanied by resistance training exercises, including lifting weights. In addition, protein supplements are effective for both men and women.

But keep in mind that its effectiveness could decrease with age since older adults require more protein than younger ones. However, researchers also found out that if the amount of protein exceeds 1.6 g per kg of the person’s body weight, he might not experience any additional benefits.

Weight Management

Taking Australia’s best protein powders and eating foods rich in protein could help you feel fuller for a longer time. When you feel full, there will be less frequent snacking and smaller portions of food. Eventually, this can help you in maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if needed.

Based on the 2017 review, a whey protein supplement can help in reducing total fat mass and body weight, most especially if you are obese or overweight. It can also help reduce total cholesterol, blood pressure, and other risk factors resulting in cardiovascular diseases.

Recovery After Exercise

Aside from contributing to muscle growth, protein can also assist in repairing damaged tissues and muscles. That is why athletes will likely take protein powder to recover their muscle soreness after some exercise.

Many studies reveal that taking protein supplements after doing some exercises can reduce muscle damage and enhance muscle protein synthesis and performance, leading to a quick recovery.

Additional Nutrition

For people who are 19 years old and older, the recommended daily intake of protein is 56 g for men and 46 g for women.

People having difficulty meeting these amounts, including vegetarians and vegans, might realize that protein powder is probably the easiest and simplest solution to the problem.

Older adults, weightlifters, athletes, and people with chronic illness might require more protein intake than the recommended amount. Based on research, athletes with an intense training regimen could likely benefit from double the daily recommended intake of protein.

Those who desire to supplement their diet with protein powder must select a high-quality product and talk to their dietitian or doctor before using it.

The benefits of protein supplements are undeniable. You can choose the protein powder best suited for your needs from some of Australia’s best protein powders available. They are a good addition to your regular workout regime.


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