4 Reasons to Consider Dental Crowns

4 Reasons to Consider Dental Crowns
source: eastportdentalaz.com

Dental crowns are the perfect solution for you and your family if you have a tooth that’s either cracked or severely discolored. They’re a durable restoration designed to protect the rest of your natural teeth from damage during chewing. Dental crowns can be made of metal, ceramic, or porcelain, and they offer fantastic protection as well as an improved aesthetic appearance for your smile.

You can consult an experienced dentist in Wichita Falls, TX. They can determine the best type of crown for you, as well as recommend treatments that will help protect your teeth for years to come. Crowns come in three different materials: metal, ceramic, and porcelain. While all three are durable, porcelain is the most resistant to bacteria and acidic foods, making it ideal for sensitive teeth. 

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Here are 4 reasons to consider getting dental crowns.

  • Cosmetic enhancement

If your tooth is chipped or discolored, a crown can restore it to its original appearance. This helps to improve your overall quality of life, as well as boost self-confidence. Getting this type of enhancement can also have positive effects on your personal and professional relationships by making you more attractive and giving you a great smile!

  • Fractured teeth

A dental crown can be a great solution if you have a tooth that has been fractured or broken over time. This could happen if you’ve had a tooth knocked out by a bruise or injury, but it usually happens when you accidentally bite your tooth. A dental crown can be made to fit around the cracked part of your tooth and restore the natural appearance so that your teeth look like they did when they were healthy.

  • Decayed teeth

Are you suffering from tooth decay or cavities? If so, a dental crown can help prevent further damage and save you a lot of time and money. Getting this type of restoration also means that you won’t have to get a root canal because the damage has already been confined to the outer part of your teeth.

  • Large fillings

You might need to get crowns if you have large fillings. While large fillings are also durable, they can’t match the strength of dental crowns. Many patients choose to get crowns because they are less likely to crack or break after impact. Additionally, because crowns don’t have many layers of filler, you’re less likely to experience pain and swelling after getting them.