4 Ways To Make Fast Cash Before Nightfall

4 Ways To Make Fast Cash Before Nightfall
source: entrepreneur.com

It happens to everyone: there’s an emergency, and suddenly, you’re left with no money for food or bills. Being broke is awful, especially if you don’t want to ask anyone for money. If you’re in a financial rut and need money now, here are four ways to make fast cash before nightfall.

1. Sell Something You’re Not Using

Whether it’s clothing, sneakers, or unused gift cards, everyone has something they can sell. You can even sell your old cellphone at an ecoATM, but what is ecoATM? An ecoATM is a booth where you exchange your device for cash, right on the spot. They’re located all over the United States.

2. Take Out a Payday Loan

If your next paycheck is a week away and you need cash now, take out a payday loan. A payday loan is usually approved within minutes as long as you provide your ID and proof of employment. When you get your next paycheck, you’ll pay the loan in full.

3. Return an Item to the Store

Have you ever made a purchase you regretted as soon as you got home? Most people have clothes or items around the house with tags still on them. If this sounds like you, find your receipt and return it to the store. Before you go, check the locations of ecoATMs near me and cash in an old phone while you’re there.

4. Call Your Creditors

Another way to keep extra cash is to call your creditors and ask to skip a bill. If you have no cash to spare and paying a bill will make matters worse, ask for help. Making payment arrangements only takes minutes and frees up the money you need.

If you need cash now and can’t wait, take action. Quick loans, store returns, and selling your old phone will give you the money you need today.