4 ways to style Plain White T shirt

4 ways to style Plain White T shirt
4 ways to style Plain White T shirt

What’s more classic than a Plain White T-Shirt? T-shirts are my favourite item from my wardrobe. You can wear T-shirts alone or pair it with some other items. Wear it above, wear it down, wear it alone or layer it up with other clothes, you have so many choices. White plain T-shirts are the most comfortable clothes to wear throughout the season. No matter if it is hot summers or the temperature is falling down, you can always rock a plain white T-shirt. 

I feel sorry for White T-shirts, they are so underrated, we sometimes don’t even bother to take out the Plain t-shirts from our wardrobes. But my friend now is the time to style yourself with a simple white T-Shirt. In the article below I am going to write about 4 ways to style plain white T-shirts in 2020. 

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4 ways to style Plain White T-shirt: 

To my Surprise, you can easily style White T-shirt in so many ways. It simply goes out with every item like a skirt, blue jeans, jackets and tights. Following are my favourite ways to style White T-shirts. 

Wear it Under Any Dress/ Jumpsuit: 

Do you have any dress with a very deep neck? And you don’t wear it anymore because it’s too bold? Then it’s the right time to take that old dress and pair it with a Plain White T-shirt. Yes, Plain t-shirts are saviour, you can wear them under any deep neck dress or jumpsuit and rock this stylish look with just a little effort. 

Almost every sleeveless dress looks great with A White T-shirt. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is “Buy slim fit T-shirts”. Slim Fit T-shirts are best to wear under jumpsuits or sleeveless dresses. Try Lil Peep Merch to buy Slim Fit T-shirts. 

Plain White T-Shirt With Skirt:

The best way to dress up something simple is, pair it up with something classic. A white T-shirt with a floral or a patterned skirt will look so great. Skirts are usually party wear or you can wear a skirt at dinner or friend meet up too. Pairing your old floral or line upskirt with White T-shirt will create a new and classic look. Wear long pencil heels along with this custom and at tadaa you’re all set to rock the floor. 

Both skirts and White T-shirts are very comfortable clothes and can be easily worn in the seasons like spring, summer and Autumn. Look at this classy T-shirt from Juice Wrld T-shirt alone. 

White T-Shirt with Leather Leggings: 

Pairing white Plain T-shirt with leather leggings is my favourite travelling look. It is one of the most relaxing customs and at the same time, it looks quite stylish. Who said your lounge look should like a crazy homeless person? Rock your old white shirt with leather leggings while resting on your lounge sofa. For shoes, you can simply select some flats or go for some cute trainers. 

Add Some Statement Jewelry: 

Wearing a simple white T-shirt might be a boring look for some fashion freak, but trust me you can always play around with a simple white T-shirt. How about adding sentiment jewellery with a Plain White T? Simple and elegant jewellery with White T-shirt creates a very classic and elegant look. It adds up an extra charm in your personality. You can try some bright beads like red/yellow colours, some chunky necklaces in candy colours, or fun fashion jewellery to create a statement look. 

Here are some of my favourite White T-shirt styles. Do you have any plain White T-shirt in your wardrobe? Take it out right away or buy some new at Lil Peep Merch and mix and match it to create some new and classic looks. 

Dropdown your fashion ideas and tips in the comment section below. 

That’s all.