4 Wedding Chair Cover Styles for Your Summer Wedding

4 Wedding Chair Cover Styles for Your Summer Wedding
4 Wedding Chair Cover Styles for Your Summer Wedding

A recent study done by the Los Angeles Times showed that couples who invite at least 150 guests to their wedding have much more successful marriages. 

The more the merrier! You want to celebrate your big day with your closest friends and family members. 

But, where are you going to put all of these people? 

Don’t make the mistake of putting together the perfect, picturesque wedding and forgetting to tie in the chairs with the decor. If you have that many, you need to make sure they match.

Wedding chair covers are staples in the wedding planning process, and here are four ways to style up your seats and dazzle your guests. 


1. Chair Linens

Possibly the cheapest way to instantly create stylish seating is to add chair linen. These are small handmade bows tied to the back of the chair, made from any light material like a scarf or sash.

Mix and match the bows with different colors from your scheme. Or, bring the room together by layering different colors on the same chair to add depth and dimension. 

These DIY wedding chair cover ideas won’t break the bank, and it provides a fun break to the stress of wedding planning!


2. Signs or Frames

To create personality and have some fun with the chairs, consider adding a sign or frame to the back! 

Each chair could have a framed baby picture of the bride and groom. For example, Table 7 has pictures of the couple when they were seven years old, Table 13 would be thirteen years old, etc. 

A few popular sign ideas include adding “His and Hers” signs to the happy couple’s seats, the classic “bride and groom”, or “Mr. and Mrs.”. 

Make the frames extra Instagram-able with these perfect wedding chairs to place them on! From classic plastic to wooden cross-backed, EventStable can meet your folding chair needs. 


3. Classic Wedding Chair Covers

As always, you can opt for the timeless chair covers. These are a little less DIY than the other options, so if your wallet is easier to work with than your hands, this is the way to go. 

Chair covers come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles and allow you to completely conceal the chair underneath. If a sign or bow won’t be enough to cover up less than attractive chairs, you’ll want to add a full cover.  

For a cheaper option instead of purchasing, see if your provider offers wedding chair cover rental!


4. Beautiful Blossoms 

The last of our inexpensive wedding chair cover ideas is arguably the most eye-catching. 

Flowers add life and color anywhere you place them, so by tying a small bouquet to your chair back or draping a garland on top you’ll be guaranteed a chic display. 

Guests could even take them home as a cute keepsake of your special day! 


Cover Your Bases

While wedding planning is a time of excitement, forgetting little details like your wedding chair covers could make or break the big day. 

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