5 Awesome Positive Parenting Tips

5 Awesome Positive Parenting Tips
5 Awesome Positive Parenting Tips

A good positive parent should always be looking out for what is best for their child.

Having a good relationship with your child, so that they trust and listen to you.

Knowing that you can’t always be perfect and that you don’t need to be perfect to be a good parent.

But that is what we should still aim for.

Set the bar as high as possible when it comes to parenting.


 1. Be their number 1 role model

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk as well, as in don’t contradict yourself when it comes to your child, behavior like this can be subconsciously learned.

Act like the person you want your kid to grow up to be and always be consistent.

Don’t change your rules from day to day, have a structure in life, don’t confuse your children.


2. Let them know you will always be there for them

Always accept your child and be their support, let them ask you questions to learn and explore.

Parents who are responsive to their children tend to raise children with better social skills and emotional development.

3. Talk to them

Don’t just mindlessly talk to them, listen carefully and explore their minds, be involved and take the time to really get to know them.

Make sure they know that you are always open for communication., which tends to lead to fewer temper tantrums.

If they have a less than pleasant experience, always talk to them and comfort them and let them know it is OK to talk about stuff, which leads to less mental health issues.

You won’t always be able to provide solutions to their problems but just being open to communication is being a good parent, and you may figure out the problem together.


4. Think About Your Own Childhood

Times have changed… a lot, and most of us would like to parent differently than our parents.

Think back to the things that made you unhappy in your childhood, note down what you would change, and work on your behaviour to make you a better parent.

You are unlikely to change just like that, but stick out it and change for the better.

5. Do NOT hit your kids!

Spanking is just plain wrong and should NOT be done under any circumstances.

Spanking teaches your kids all the wrong lessons about life and resolving problems with violence. 

There are plenty of studies showing spanked kids are more violent and are more anti-social children and adults.

Avoid it at all costs.

There are many better alternatives than hitting your child, if you are interested in learning a bucket load more about parenting then check out this article on the Best Podcasts on Parenting.

These are my 5 quick tips to becoming a better parent.

Remember we are in 2020 and becoming a parent has never been easier than listening to podcasts, check out the link above for the best.