5 Crucial Questions About Bespoke Suits, Answered


Suits are making a comeback in the Land Down Under.

Since things are starting to come back to normal, most Australian men are prepping their wardrobe with stylish office wear and trendy casual outfits. And, of course, a suit is on top of that list of clothing they would want inside their new closet.

While suits never really left the Australian fashion scene, the revenue for men’s formal wear dropped because of the restrictions brought about by Covid-19. But as times shift to normalcy, many are investing in suits from a bespoke tailor in sydney due to opportunities in the city and beyond. Aside from work, parties and social events will soon be in full swing. And you wouldn’t want to miss that.

So, if you’re one of the many Aussies who are ready for a wardrobe makeover and want a bespoke suit in it, you might have some questions. And here, you will get your answers.

What is a bespoke suit?

A bespoke suit is made from raw materials put together by a skilled tailor following the client’s measurements and specifications. However, unlike a custom suit that’s tailored according to measurements alone, a bespoke suit is almost always 100% handcrafted by a professional bespoke tailor in sydney. Everything, from fabric to buttons and design, is chosen by the client and perfectly created by the tailor according to the former’s preference.

Why should you have a bespoke suit?

One of the many reasons for owning a bespoke suit is the quality you get. Along with the quality of the suit, you also get something that fits you perfectly – something that makes you feel and look pleasing at the same time. Thus, you feel more confident and can easily succeed at the task at hand.

Moreover, a bespoke suit also comes with versatility and durability. In short, you get a beautiful suit that you can wear almost anywhere and can last a longtime.

What’s the best fabric for a bespoke suit?

The best fabric, which is also the most popular for a bespoke suit, is wool. Wool is breathable and soft, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear. But apart from these critical elements that a suit should possess, wool is also a good insulator, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and shapes up nicely.

How long does a tailor finish a bespoke suit?

Most bespoke tailors in Sydney will tell you they can finish a suit in at least nine weeks. However, the length still depends on the materials’ availability and the complexity of the design. While some can finish a suit in two weeks, others say it can take them a couple of months to create a bespoke suit.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a bespoke suit is dependent on many factors, such as the design, fabric and other materials. However, the least amount of money you can pay for it is $2000. On the higher end, many people pay over $10,000 for their bespoke suit – a price they say is totally worth it.

So, are you ready to own a bespoke suit? 

Now that you know the essential things about this well-known and extremely useful piece of clothing, it’s time you find a bespoke tailor in Sydney that will create the best suit for you. And remember, you need to choose only the best if you want your suit to turn out perfect.