5 Expert Tips for A Great Barbeque in 2022

5 Expert Tips for A Great Barbeque in 2022
source: t3.com

Most people love barbeques—there is nothing better than eating outdoors on a hot day, with friends, near a pool.

But most people are not too good at throwing a barbeque! Cremated sausages and undercooked burgers are a couple of examples—and ones that most people have experienced!

So, if you are planning to throw a barbeque in 2022, you may be looking for some ways to avoid these fiascos—along with other issues such as getting the barbeque temperature right, and of course, having a large enough barbeque, to begin with!

Here are five expert tips for throwing a great barbeque for your friends and family.

Marinate the meat!

When prepping for a barbeque, you will need to get in some meat, or a suitable vegan/vegetarian alternative.

Most barbeque food requires marinating, and so it is important to leave the meat (or the alternative) to sit for a couple of hours in a sauce—or maybe even overnight.

Choosing the right sauce can be tricky but there are some online options to browse through, such as those on 403 BBQ Co.; or you could mix your own. All you need to do is brush it onto the meat or fish and wait. It will hold onto moisture that could be lost from barbequing and the food will taste delicious when cooked.

Timing is everything

You have added the charcoal or fired up the grill and you are eager to go.

But it is wise to not rush the process of barbequing food; if you add the meat too soon the grill is likely to be too cold to cook the food.

The best time to begin grilling is when the flames have started to die down. That way, you will get even amount of heat from the grill—perfect for cooking. You should also aim to keep the heat of the grill under control. Therefore, there should be no excessive sizzling when meat is placed on it. This will prevent injuries from cooking and from burning the food.

Use the right fuel

Most people have used charcoal briquettes when barbequing, but choosing the right kind of charcoal can make all the difference. Not only in terms of the cooking time, but also in terms of the taste of the food.

Lump wood is a popular option when using a barbeque—it is natural and gives a smoked flavor to the food. If you are a pro at barbequing, why not throw some wood chips in with the charcoal?

This works great with fish and pork, as it gives them a sweet flavor.

Serve homemade burgers

Store-brought burgers can disappoint at barbeques. They are often plumped up with water, and when added to the grill, they shrink.

Making burgers from scratch is one way to have a good barbeque as you can add your own seasoning and ingredients. Aim to use mince or meat that has a lot of fat. This will make the burgers juicy and less likely to shrink when cooked.

Sides are important!

Barbeques are all about meat, right? No!

When planning an outdoor gathering, your sides need to be as good as the meat-based food. You may want to choose sides that can be served straight, such as chips; or why not throw in corn on the cob, which also tastes great when it has been grilled?