5 Health Concerns That Every Man Should Watch For

5 Health Concerns That Every Man Should Watch For
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You may wonder why women generally have a longer lifespan than men worldwide. Well, one of the factors explaining reduced longevity in men is their reluctance to visit health experts regularly. Being a man usually comes with many responsibilities, leaving men with limited time to check their health. Failure to undergo a regular checkup often exposes men to various health issues, some being life-threatening. However, having a busy schedule should never be an excuse for maintaining men’s health Los Angeles. Men should seek medical checkups, just like many women, even if they feel okay. Let us go through the following 5 health concerns every man must watch out for.


One of the leading causes of death among men worldwide is cancer. There is no single cancer trigger. Hence it would be best if you always took the necessary cautions to prevent this condition. Different forms of cancers exist depending on the cause. For instance, as you grow old, you are more likely to develop prostate cancer due to hormonal changes. Therefore, to ensure that this condition stays at bay, you should undergo regular screening for early detection and the application of an effective remedy.


Almost every adult has had deep thoughts and stress about how things work in their lives. However, in most cases, depression among male adults often does not exhibit noticeable symptoms since it does not match their expectations. Consequently, they will forego these feelings of anxiety, which eventually take a toll on their mental health. Therefore, you should always talk to your mental therapist if you have a stressful life.

Heart Disorders

Heart complication is another negative issue impacting men’s health, especially when not noticed early. This condition is prevalent in adult individuals at an alarming rate, where one in every three adult men has a cardiovascular issue. Stroke and hypertension are among the heart concerns men suffer in their lifetime. To reduce the likelihood of getting these conditions, you should adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as reducing alcohol consumption.


This condition is life-threatening since it usually sets in individuals without having the observable signs at first. You will know that you have diabetes if you observe increased urination due to high blood sugar levels. The high percentage of glucose in the blood also undermines the operation of the blood vessels, which triggers kidney failure among many men. Therefore, you should exercise regularly and undergo regular checkups to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction

It is the dream of every man to have a quality sexual life, although it is not always possible due to impending health issues. Erectile dysfunction is one of the health issues among men that interferes with their sex life. Also, it indicates a problem with the blood flow all over the body, which calls for immediate attention. Every man should therefore eat a healthy diet to reduce his susceptibility to this condition.

Millions of men worldwide sustain various life-threatening conditions due to their reluctance to visit health care providers. They make excuses to have a busy schedule all day long, thus compromising their health conditions. It is time to change your ways and seek regular screening to stay in tune with your health. Kiarash Michel, MD, and his team at Atlas Men’s Clinic offer an array of checkups to safeguard men from health issues. Book an appointment online and visit the facility today to receive quality men’s services.