5 Pieces To Get You Through Winter

5 Pieces To Get You Through Winter
5 Pieces To Get You Through Winter

Winter is just across the corner. This season is all about the long romantic walks, knitwears, cosy company, movie nights and a cup of hot chocolate. Winter is my favourite season. The reasons are many but above all winter clothes are love. 

One thing I have learned about fashion in the past few years is, “To invest wisely”. Investing in winter clothes is one important business. Our main focus should be on long term items other than just filling up our wardrobe with a lot of clothes and winter accessories. 

Below I am going to talk about 5 pieces to get you through winters. The following 5 pieces are winter essentials and one should definitely invest in them. 

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Chunky Knit Wear: 

Winter is all about Knit Wears. What’s better than wearing a chunky knit sweater on a cold breezy day. Knitwear is super comfortable as they are made up of soft wool. Gone were the days when our grandmothers used to knit the sweaters at home, now you can find knit sweaters, socks and mufflers at almost every winter store. You can also find a large variety of knitwears at Kanye West 

Knitwear comes in different styles and varieties. You can select any colour that suits your personality like but for me, knitwear always rocks nude colours. 

Long Camel Coat:

The first thing that pops up in my mind after listening to the word “winter” is long coats and leather jackets. The long coat is an essential winter item that is perfect to keep you warm and cosy in the falling temperature. If you have any old long coat in your wardrobe then take it out and mix and match it with different coloured turtlenecks or knitwears. 

Wearing a talk camel coat and walking on the dry leaves with a cup of hot chocolate seems like a beautiful film scene. If you are looking for long coats then do give a look to Astroworld Merch and find some super cool long coats. 

Plain White T-shirts: 

Plain white T-shirts are wardrobe essential items no matter what time of the year it is. Plain White T shirt can be paired with any other winter item like leather coats, hoodies, jackets, Plain Jeans and long boots. The best thing about having a white/black T-shirt is, you can wear them anytime while doing any task like cooking, baking, jogging, running, or partying. Yes, a plain white T-shirt can be worn both casually and formally.  

For me, a single T-shirt is not enough, so what about buying a pair or two for this season? 

Long boots: 

If you don’t have Long boots, then what are you waiting for? For me winter wardrobe is incomplete without long boots. There are various types and styles of long boots to keep yourself warm and stylish this winter season. Long boots are an essential winter item and there is not any second thought regarding this fact, long boots look stylish with whatever you are wearing. Long boots with jeans and a leather jacket, or a skirt with boots, every style with boots just looks so perfect. 

A Stylish Hoodie: 

It is very important to have a stylish hoodie in your wardrobe throughout the year. Hoodies are super comfortable winter essentials that prevent you from cold breezy weather and at the same time they look oh so stylish. You can pair your hoodies with other winter items like jackets, jeans, T shirts and the list is long. 

Hoodies are usually made up of soft wool and cotton, they can be worn easily. The best thing about having a hoodie is, you can wear it at the party and also sleep with it. 

Wrapping Up: 

If you are planning to set your winter wardrobe then don’t forget to add the above 5 must winter items. You can get all your favourite winter items at the affordable prices from Astroworld Merch and Kanye West. 

What is your favourite winter Item? and why? Do share your ideas and tips with us. 

That’s All.