5 Signs You Should See an Ophthalmologist- Dr Maryam Yamani

5 Signs You Should See an Ophthalmologist- Dr Maryam Yamani
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The value of eyes cannot be overstated! You see, read, study, and experience everything that life has to offer using your eyes. Unfortunately, seeing an ophthalmologist is not something people often do unless it is an emergency. Worse still, for those who currently wear prescription contact lenses or glasses and their vision is okay, many do not bother with a routine check-up. However, your eyes should not be something you should overlook as any damage to them might be determinantal on your quality of life. Therefore, to better understand when a visit to your eye doctor is necessary, Maryam Yamani MD, a renowned ophthalmologist in Manhattan, discusses six of the most common signs of an alarming eye issue requiring expert evaluation. Read on to find out more.

1) You Experience Sudden Vision Changes

If you have momentary vision problems that resolve when you blink, it could indicate a dry eye. A gradual loss of vision may suggest the need for new glasses, but it can also confirm the existence of a medical issue like a cataract. Lastly, suppose you are experiencing flashes, central vision distortion, shadows, floaters, or curtains across your vision. In that case, these could be signals of a retinal disease that necessitates a more immediate evaluation if the symptoms are new or severe.

2) You Are Experiencing Eye Dryness

Dry eyes can be a real pain, and they only worsen over time. Symptoms could at times impair a person’s ability to use or read a computer for long periods. In serious circumstances, chronic dry eye can cause corneal scarring. An ophthalmologist examines the eyes underneath a slit lamp to look for this.

3) Your Eyes Are Bloodshot and Crimson

Eye redness isn’t always an indication of something more severe. Red eyes are common in some people. Nonetheless, redness might indicate swelling or dryness in the eyes, either on the outside or inside. A quick, bright red patch could signal a ruptured blood vessel, which is not generally a cause for concern but becomes so if it happens again. However, if the redness is accompanied by pain, your ophthalmologist should be consulted.

4) You Experience Eye Discomfort

Eye discomfort may indicate a local eye problem such as dry eye, swelling of the eyewall (episcleritis), or intraocular swelling (uveitis). Nonetheless, it could also be caused by headaches and sinus infections. To exclude eye disease as the source of discomfort, you should have an ophthalmic examination if you have eye discomfort.

5) You Experience Pressure in Your Eyes

Glaucoma is a sight-threatening disorder frequently accompanied by an increase in eye pressure. Regrettably, this disorder does not trigger symptoms in the early stages. Thus, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist to check your eye pressure to rule out glaucoma.

Do not allow an eye-related concern to go unchecked as it could culminate in vision loss or various significant health issues. Obtaining professional care from a competent ophthalmologist like Dr. Yamani immediately after observing any of these symptoms is essential to protect your sight. Schedule a consultation through mobile or request online to discuss your concerns and identify the proper eye treatment.