5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Construction Lawyer


A construction lawyer is a legal expert who provides valuable advice in handling different construction-related projects. These lawyers perform different activities and address the legal aspects of different construction projects. Hiring a construction lawyer from Wallin Hester, PLC may be one of the best decisions you make. In this article, we have listed the top 5 things to look for when hiring a lawyer. 

Things to consider when hiring a construction lawyer 

1. Specialization in construction law 

Understanding the construction projects is quite difficult. Therefore, you need a lawyer who specializes in construction law and has handled similar cases in the past. Specialization makes sure the lawyer has a detailed understanding of all relevant contracts, regulations and industry practices. This ensures you get tailored services. 

2. Experience with construction disputes 

Contract disagreements, payment problems, delays, and defect difficulties are common in construction projects. A skilled construction attorney ought to demonstrate a history of effectively resolving conflicts in the industry via arbitration, mediation, or litigation. They must be knowledgeable about the procedures for resolving disputes that are unique to the building sector. 

3. Understanding of construction contracts 

Every construction project is based on construction contracts. It states all parties’ respective rights and responsibilities. A skilled construction lawyer should be able to design, evaluate, and negotiate contracts to safeguard your interests in addition to having a solid understanding of construction contracts, including common formats like AIA contracts.

4. Knowledge of regulatory compliance 

In the construction sector, following local, state, and federal rules is crucial. Some major laws that the construction lawyers must know about are:

  • Zoning laws
  • Building rules
  • Environmental restrictions
  • Safety standards 

They should be able to give you guidance on necessary compliance and assist you in overcoming regulatory obstacles.

5. Effective communication and negotiation skills 

For a construction lawyer, effective communication and bargaining abilities are essential. They should be able to explain legal terms to you in simple terms, counsel you on possible courses of action and defensive tactics, and represent your interests in talks or court cases. Choose a lawyer who can effectively cultivate favorable connections with all project stakeholders and who is readily available and responsive.

Wrapping up 

If you are facing difficulty in any construction project, you must consider these top 5 things to make the right choice. These lawyers will assess your case and find the best solutions.