5 Things You Must Consider When Selecting Furniture for Your Office Space

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5 Things You Must Consider When Selecting Furniture for Your Office Space

You have spent countless hours breaking your back to build up your company from scratch, and now it’s time to open your first office. It’s worth noting that the availability of flexible office spaces for renting has seen a 50% jump from June 2020 in Sydney. With some shared spaces costing AUD 200 per person for a month, you can opt for shared office spaces to cut costs, especially for smaller teams.

After you have rented a place, the first thing to consider is the furniture, and it is an area where you cannot afford to go cheap. Countless companies manufacture office furniture in Sydney. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the best one carefully. To help you with this task, here are five pointers for you to consider when shopping for office furniture:

  • Office Space

Before anything, you should take into account the total space available in your office to fit in the furniture. Measure the whole office area and have a clear plan of where you want the working stations. It would look pretty silly if a piece of furniture cannot even make it past the doorway due to its size. 

When facing size constraints, you have to find ways to utilise the space available in the best possible manner. And you’ll be able to find many strategies to maximise the utility of office spaces.

  • Ergonomics

There are changes and activities you can opt for to keep yourself/your employees fit in the office. But during tight deadlines, it is not always possible to remember to take breaks. Hence, the ergonomics of the furniture is of paramount importance. From adjustable monitor arms to comfortable chairs and footrests, the ergonomics of your office furniture will have a direct impact on whoever uses them. Many studies have shown that using furniture with poor ergonomics can affect the employees’ posture and, in turn, decrease productivity.

  • Functionality 

This is a factor that can significantly reduce your budget while increasing efficiency in the office. Before making any decisions, you should consider the functionality of each piece of furniture. You can try opting for furniture pieces with multiple functionalities. 

For example, you can get desks with drawers, tables that can be easily moved around as per the need, like when making in-house presentations, undertaking strategy solutions, etc. You must not make the mistake of selecting furniture based entirely on their looks.

  • Employees First

You have to strive to see things from the perspective of the people who will ultimately use the furniture: your employees. So, first, make a list of the levels of positions that your company has. And when you have a list that contains the position levels, try to think of the type of furniture suitable for each group. For instance, employees holding executive-level jobs should have desks that resonate with their position and nature of work.

  • The Look Matters!


The type of furniture you select will have a notable impact on the company’s image. It is a double-edged sword that can work in both ways. The main aim is to leverage the furniture for building a positive image of the company. 


Have a vision of the type of aesthetics you are trying to achieve. For example, do you want an open, collaborative space that subtly says, “We don’t want hierarchy,” or would you prefer individual cubicles that give maximum privacy to each employee? Whatever you choose will affect the type of furniture you get. But, if you feel overwhelmed, you may consider an interior designer to help you out.


If you keep these things in mind, going to a shop (online or physical) and selecting office furniture in Sydney should become more manageable. And remember to choose a company that goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction and has a reputation for maintaining high quality.


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