5 Tips to Find the Best Herndon, VA CPA

5 Tips to Find the Best Herndon, VA CPA
source: thumbtack.com

Are you searching for some help in your tax return preparation and filing? If yes, you may need the help of a CPA. They specialize in providing help with all the tax-related activities and can be a big help in a lot of other business activities too. In case you are looking for the best Herndon, VA CPA, go through the blog to get the best 5 tips in your search process. 

What is Their Specialization?

The first thing you need to consider is their specialization. As a CPA, they may be well-versed in a lot of spheres, including tax preparation, forensic accounting, business accounting, etc. Your task is to check if their field of expertise is what you are looking for. 

Do They Have A PTIN?

PTIN stands for Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). Every CPA must have this identification number to be able to prepare taxes, and it would be best if you verify his/her number on the IRS Return Preparer Office Directory. 

What is Their License Status?

Before hiring a CPA, you must have a look at their license. They must have a valid license offered by the state to carry on their services. You can have a look at their license to know about the issue and expiration dates, and also you may get to know about the disciplinary actions. 

What is His/Her Experience?

When hiring a CPA, experience plays an important role. As per the advice of experts, you must go for someone who has more years of experience. The more experience they have, the more knowledge they have about their offered services. You must look for someone who is experienced with e-filing, as it will make things easier and more convenient for you. 

Are They Willing to Sign on Your Tax Return?

Last but not least, he/she must be ready to sign your tax return. It is very important to verify this before moving forward with the person. If he/she is not comfortable signing your paper, you go for someone else. 

However, apart from the above-mentioned points, you must consider the fees of the CPA and check if it falls within your budget. All these tips will surely help you land up with the best CPA. Don’t stress too much. Take your time, and maximize your tax savings with the most proficient CPA in Herndon, VA.