5 Types of Lawyers: Who They Are and What They Do

5 Types of Lawyers Who They Are and What They Do
5 Types of Lawyers Who They Are and What They Do

You need a lawyer, but not just any old lawyer will do. As you wouldn’t hire a brain surgeon for LASIK eye surgery, you shouldn’t hire a criminal defence lawyer for a personal injury case. Law, like medicine, is an extremely large field and it’s impossible for anyone person to know everything about it.

That’s why there are many types of lawyers who specialize in certain types of law.

So which type is the best lawyer for your needs when you need legal help? Let’s look at a few different lawyers that you might commonly see to learn what they do.


1. Family Lawyer

When you’re going through a tough divorce, you’ll want the services of a good family lawyer. These lawyers deal with virtually anything that has to do with family law.

They handle pre-nuptial agreements, divorces, child custody, or spousal support issues.


2. Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured and someone else is at fault, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. This can happen either due to someone’s direct action that injured you or inaction such as not repairing a broken step in your apartment building that caused you to fall and get hurt.

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t too willing to cough up the payments to cover your medical bills so you’ll need the services of a good personal injury lawyer to help.


3. Insurance Claims Lawyer

What happens if you suffer a natural disaster, fire, or another tragic event that damages your home or possessions? You think that you’re covered by insurance, that’s why you’ve been faithfully paying your insurance premiums, right?

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will put up a fuss or find little loopholes to get out of paying your claim. In that case, you’ll need a dedicated insurance claims lawyer to hold them to the fine print of their policy and ensure you get every dollar you deserve.


4. Tax Lawyer

Taxes are confusing, everybody already knows that. Unfortunately, if you do something wrong when you file your taxes the IRS might send you a bill for thousands of dollars of back taxes several years after the fact. Unravelling the issues can prove to be quite a challenge. A tax lawyer can help you set things straight and ensure you don’t overpay.


5. Estate Planning Lawyer

Nobody likes to think about when they’ll die, but getting your affairs in order before you die is a huge gift to your family. This will help eliminate fights and arguments amongst grieving family members when you’re gone. However, figuring out all the ins and outs of estate planning, particularly if you have a large estate, can get complicated quickly.  An estate planning lawyer makes everything easier.


Many More Types of Lawyers

These are only 5 of the many types of lawyers that exist. There are many more from property lawyers that specialise in Townsville conveyancing to criminal lawyers that work in criminal matters. The most important thing is to choose the specific lawyer that best fits your situation. For more interesting content, be sure to check out more of our posts!