5 Ways a Facelift Surgery Can Make You Look Different

5 Ways a Facelift Surgery Can Make You Look Different
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As you get older, your skin might lose its vibrant appearance. Fortunately, with various cosmetic facial procedures, you can disguise the signs and effects caused by aging. If you would like to improve the appearance of your skin, particularly on your face or neck, a facelift procedure would be your best option. A facelift can help remove excess skin and tighten facial tissues in saggy and wrinkled areas. If you are considering this procedure, consult a facelift Katy specialist on whether you would be a good candidate. Here are five ways a facelift procedure can ultimately change your appearance.  

1. Reverses the Aging Process

Aging is a natural phenomenon that can be accelerated by smoking, genetics, gravity, or stress. It causes thinning of dermal tissues and loss of facial fat making your skin appear wrinkled and droopy. These changes are usually more prominent on the face and neck. 

Through a modern facelift procedure, you can reverse these changes by removing excess skin and leaving room for smoother and tighter skin. If you are struggling with the effects of aging, a facelift procedure is just what you might need to achieve a new look.

2. Improves Your Facial Contour

A facelift can help you achieve a more symmetrical face. Asymmetries become common as we age, often drooping eyelids or sunken cheeks. These areas of the face tend to sag over time as we age, causing your features to become uneven. A facelift can correct these asymmetries by tightening loose skin around your eyes, cheeks, and mouth and lifting your jawline if needed. 

3. It makes You Look More Attractive

A facelift can make you look more attractive by making your skin look younger and more vibrant. It can also improve the appearance of your neck by making it look more symmetrical. The procedure also helps with other facial issues like wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and creases between the nose and mouth. While these changes won’t be immediate, they will undoubtedly help improve how attractive you feel about yourself when looking in the mirror.

4. It gives You a More Natural Look

The best part about facelift surgery is that it can make you look better than ever. You will have a natural-looking glow with no signs of aging on your face. A facelift does not necessarily give you a new face or one that appears unnatural. When you carefully choose the right doctor, your after-results appear natural and youthful.

5. It Gives You a More Even-Toned Appearance

A facelift can also help reduce the appearance of sun damage, rosacea, and broken capillaries. This is because a facelift will remove excess skin on your face that has accumulated over time. This excess skin can cause sagging cheeks, jowls, deep-set eyes, and wrinkles around the mouth.

Before undergoing a facelift procedure, you might need to discuss with your doctor whether you have been exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Doing so will help your doctor know which structures of your face need to be lifted. 

Facelifts are a great option if you want to look and feel younger. You can re-establish a youthful appearance through Dr. John Freeman, particularly around your face and neck. You will receive the best advice on the steps you should take to make you look more refreshed than before. Call through the office number or visit his office in Katy, Texas.