6.6L L5P Chevrolet GMC Duramax 2017-2020 Head Stud Replacement Kit 


Place the ARP 230 to 4301 Diesel head stud kit in your 2017 to 2020 6.6L Duramax L5P, plus guarantee your generator can deal with the extra energy of recent aftermarket upgrades. Those L5P head studs are estimated at 220,000 psi tensile energy and offer you the clamping pressure that you must get rid of the chance of raising your cylinder sources from increased combustion pressures.

Every set of ARP head studs manufacture from ARP’s established ARP 2000 materials of their California manufacturing equipment, and every stud has tapes surged after heat-treating to supply superior energy. These studs are centerless floors for excellent concentricity, and every package contains Chromoly metal 12-point nuts, heat-treated, and appliances. ARP treats each of their devices with a black odize end for defense and sturdiness. Get a set to your engine at the moment!

Description of L5P Head Studs

It is an indisputable fact that OEM head studs are the vulnerable hyperlink in a diesel engine, significantly if that engine modifies for elevated efficiency ranges past OEM specs. Cummins, Duramax, and Energy Stroke diesel are all constructed utilizing ‘Torque to Yield’ nuts and preloaded to produce and past usually 100 to 110 percent. Any will increase in flaming stress can result in issues like failed head gaskets rather catastrophic motor failure. And since TTY bolts produce by design, they need to by no means be re-used.

ARP solves the issue by providing more muscular head studs, which design for increased clamping masses. 

That collection of ARP-2000 Professional Sequence solid head studs is cold-forged to ensure molecular honesty and is finest suited to gentle efficiency in L5P Duramax 6.6L motors made. ARP posts are heat-treated before string bending and machining to supply optimum fatigue energy. 12-point bolts and imperfect parallel seats include for balanced load order and correct torque readings.

GM Duramax 6.6L L5P ARP2000 Head Stud Equipment

ARP – Main the best way in fastener know-how has launched a brand new ARP-2000 head stud package for GM Duramax L5P Diesel purposes.

Half No. 230-4301 features a collection of thirty-six M12 ARP-2000 studs, 12 M8 ARP 8740 Chromoly consumption valley bolts, thirty-six Chromoly metal 12 level bolts, thirty-six equal floor seats, and a one oz. Pack of ARP Extremely-Torque fastener meeting lubricant.

Completely ARP-2000 studdings are centerless floor, warmth handled before string machining and rolling, nominally priced at 220,000 psi tensile energy, and are reusable compared to the OEM Torque Yield head studs. Optimum plan, enhanced safety, and high energy are the primary characteristics of ARP head studding kits.

Product Specs

Direct Match Substitute: Matches 6.6L L5P Chevrolet GMC Duramax 2017 to 2020 Fashions. It engineers to unleash extra efficiency out of your automobile. Centerless floor to guarantee excellent concentricity. 

Extremely Energy: XOTIC 7200 materials properties enable much better tensile energy than 8740 Chromoly metal head studs. Threads went after warmth remedy for optimum burnout energy—much-clamping energy blocks cylinder starts from raising. 

Simple set up: Broached stud stops set up and get cylinder head removing simpler. Set up guide is composed of withdrawn diagrams to help the setup course. L5P Head studs design to hold cylinder tape even with at the moment’s excessive stress turbo methods. Those studs far better-clamping capabilities offered by regular head bolts. 

Equipment Consists: 36x Heads, 36x Heads Studs, 1x 16mm Support, 36x Hardened Parallel Washer, 1x 10mm Socket, 1x Fastener Meeting Lubricant & Directions Guide. Black oxide end protects from put on and split. Hardened parallel machines enable uniform load order and correct torque readings.

Fear-free Buy: Xotic Efficiency is devoted to providing lifetime guarantees and fulls a reimbursement to ensure you aren’t glad. Rigorous high-quality inspections undertake to make sure premium product requirements.