6 Beautifully Simple Gift Wrap Ideas

6 Beautifully Simple Gift Wrap Ideas

Buying a gift for someone is only half the battle.

If you want your gift to mean as much as possible to your friend or loved one, then you’ve got to make it look great. Not everyone’s a gift wrap expert though, so we’re here to help.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 6 amazing gift wrap ideas that’ll make your gift stand out before they even open it. The beauty is that you don’t have to spend extra money or learn new skills to make it happen. Pay attention and you’ll never have to worry about wrapping gifts again.

1. Using Different Papers

If you want to make your gift pop without any extra effort, try to mix and match your wrapping papers on the same gift. By using complementary colors, you can create a striking visual no matter how big or small the gift is.

Of course, there’s always potential that this could go wrong. Avoid trying to match patterned wrapping paper, solid colors will always be easier to make work.

2. Understanding Your Ribbon

A ribbon is a great way to add an elegant touch to your gift wrapping. Multiple ribbons of different sizes and styles can take it to another level completely.

There are a lot of different things you can do with ribbon to bring your gift to life. Baker twine is simple and classy, but crossing it with a nice metallic ribbon will look perfect. That being said, if you’ve got one great ribbon with a nice pattern, like grosgrain ribbons, then that alone will make your gift look amazing.

3. Adding a Natural Touch

Adding a pine cone or some greenery to your gift, tucked under your ribbon, will give your gift wrapping a nice natural look. It’s perfect for a gift for a nature lover, but don’t go crazy. Keeping it simple will really make the gift stand out.

4. For Travel Lovers

Buying and wrapping for someone that loves traveling? Use an old map to wrap your gift. If there’s a part of the world that holds a special place in their heart, find that map to win them over before they even find out what the gift is.

5. Decorate Plain Paper

For those that have crafting in their blood, get personal by decorating some plain kraft paper. Empty out your craft drawer and use whatever you can to create something simple and unique for your loved one.

Turning your gift into an arts and crafts project might not be the most elegant, but homemade gift wrapping is more about the personality and friendship of the wrapper.

6. Old Clothes

Using an old t-shirt to wrap a gift might sound strange, but it’s one of our favorite ways to personalize a gift. Cut out the middle area where there are no seams and you’ll be able to wrap the gift just as easily as with paper.

Using These Gift Wrap Ideas to Perfection

Try out some of these gift wrap ideas and get inspired to take your gifts to the next level. Vary it up every time and you’ll start to build a reputation as a master gift wrapper.

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