6 Little Known Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

6 Little Known Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
source: healthmug.com

The popularity of tea tree oil has grown steadily over the years. The essential oil is extracted from the leaves of a native Australian plant, Melaleuca Alternifolia. Various diseases are cured by using it as an alternative and complementary ingredient. The oil was in use for centuries in Australia for many health conditions. Today it is the common ingredient in cosmetics, topical medicines, and household items.

Essential oil for household

Tea tree oil is one of the widely used essential oils. It possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Moreover, it has widespread use in treating numerous health issues of consumers. That is why it is considered a natural cure to several health problems. But, consumers should focus on procuring the purest tea tree oil to acquire the desired health benefits. That is what D. Gary Young advised consumers to get wellness and health benefits. The passionate pioneer of essential oils focused on extracting the purest essence from various plants to help consumers.

5 little known benefits of tea tree oil use

Tea tree oil has become a common household item worldwide. The reputation of alternative medicine has increased for many good reasons. Here are 5 little known benefits of this oil:

1. Acne

Acne is one of the common skin problems faced by 50 million Americans at any time. Studies suggest that tea tree oil could be a potential source to treat acne problems. Application of this oil reduces acne count and its severity. Thus, it is a significant ingredient in treating mild to moderate acne problems.

2. Athlete’s foot   

Symptoms of an athlete’s foot diminish with the topical use of a tea tree oil cream. Recent studies have shown that this oil-infused product is more effective than the placebo group. That is why it has become a vital ingredient for this problem.

3. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is eczema that spreads by contact with an allergen. In comparison to numerous contact dermatitis medicines, tea tree oil was more effective in suppressing this allergic problem.

4. Treat dandruff

According to a report, a 5 percent tea tree oil can treat mild to moderate dandruff problems. It can also soothe the cradle cap issue on an infant’s scalp. Itchiness and greasiness on the scalp decrease significantly by shampooing with tea tree oil products.

5. Head lice

Head lice are a parasite that sucks blood and causes numerous problems later. Unfortunately, head lice are resistant to medical treatment now. But, tea tree oil is more effective in killing head lice than nerolidol which kills only the eggs. That is why experts are suggesting using tea tree oil as an alternative treatment of head lice problems.

6. Nail fungus

Fungi are the real culprits of nail abnormalities. Moreover, they are difficult to cure. But, tea tree oil-infused cream can cure nail fungus immediately. Another encouraging research revealed that tea tree oil eliminates nail fungus in the laboratory. Thus, it has become a popular ingredient for manufacturing nail fungus products.


The popularity of tea tree oil is expected to grow manifold in the coming years. But, consumers should know the dosage amount and timing to acquire the desired benefits. Moreover, special caution is necessary for buying the product to get quality oil.