6 Pleasant Themes to Light Up Your Bathroom

Light Up Your Bathroom
Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Bathrooms are, well, more than just rooms to bathe and clean yourself in. It is where ideas unfold via daydreaming; this is the first place you head to when you open your eyes in the morning, and it is a personal haven to emote and unwind all by yourself. Hence, you’d rather consider putting some thought and creativity into building this part of your home. With an array of bathroom essentials and accessories, you can truly create a unique space and vibe in there. All you need to do is pick a theme and pair essentials like freestanding baths for sale, basins, bathing and laundry must-haves that sync with your larger theme and the mood you wish to create therein.    So, here are some quick themes to get you started:

 1. Rustic

As the name suggests, rustic-themed bathrooms are all about letting out that raw, unrefined vibe. Finding elegance in imperfection forms the basis of rustic decor and themes. Hence, if you’re keen on unwinding amidst an uncomplicated, laidback, and unsophisticated vibe, amp up your bathroom with accessories that complement the rustic style. You can opt for wooden storage shelves and cabinets, cane lamps, subtle hues, lovely jute rugs, stone counters and sinks.

 2. Contemporary

The spirit of contemporary is all about invoking a modern, sleek and sophisticated energy into the area by incorporating the latest technological upgrades. Contemporary bathrooms are characterised by innovative showerheads (e.g. digital shower controls, Bluetooth showerhead with lights, etc.), heated towel rails, stylish faucets, slim mirrors, glass enclosures, and minimal shades.

 3. Eclectic/Vibrant

If your bathroom is more than just a room where you clean or grooms yourself, an eclectic-themed bathroom is what you can decide upon. The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking the essentials and accessories for this style. You can mix and match, pick elements across other themes and create a vibrant something of your own. From pastel-hued pallets to colourful rugs, trendy lights, stunning wall plates, and bathroom vanities in wood with intricate ceramic sinks, your bathroom can be your canvas to experiment!

 4. Transitional

A transitional-themed bathroom is a cross between traditional and contemporary. Hence elements here would essentially comprise fusing the best of both worlds. You can have a half glass wall coupled with a freestanding tub or team up your pedestal sink with a frameless mirror. Functionality and aesthetics weigh equally in the transitional school of style, and hence this type of bathroom is ideal if you’re living with members across different age groups.

 5. Minimalist

“Less is more” is the mantra for minimalism. And if you also belong to that school of thought, this just might be your kind of bathroom design. The idea is to have a clutter-free, clean and tasteful space, and if you’ve decided to go with the minimalist bathroom way, you can opt for a monochrome palette with sleek built-in cabinets and let the empty spaces breathe without being crammed with embellishments.

 6. Tropical

Tropical themed bathrooms have a refreshing, vibrant and easy vibe to them. They transport you to your cherished beach vacation! And if you’ve zeroed down on this theme, let your bathroom come alive with Moroccan rugs placed against a background of vivid colours and textured wall art (e.g., botanical motifs). You can also add indoor planters, opt for wooden wall-hung bathroom vanities, bamboo blinds and sturdy stone sinks.

You can add character and spark to this seemingly dull, often ignored yet integral part of your home called bathrooms. So, decide the theme based on the space you have, consideration of other family members (if you have elderly folks or young children at home, you’ll need to plan accordingly) and your budget.


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