6 Reasons Why Living In Apartments in India Better Than Homes

6 Reasons Why Living In Apartments in India Better Than Homes
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The debate over which is better, living in an apartment or a house, is long-standing. Nevertheless, many people choose to live in apartments in India. It is because wherever people resides, it creates some kind of persona that can significantly impact their lifestyle and happiness. So, it is important to consider these 6 compelling points of why living in apartments in India is better than living in a house.

1. Worry-Free Maintenance

One of the most important reasons why more and more people are moving into apartments in India is worry-free maintenance. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the whole property, so your to do-list is non-existent. But when you are living in a house, the responsibility for all repairs, yard work, and maintenance lies completely upon you. If you hired a contractor to take care of your home, you still wouldn’t be called a winner as you had to pay a hefty fee for getting the work done.

Nevertheless, people living in apartments in India don’t have to worry about such things as apartment are designed to keep tidy. Apartments take less space which makes less to clean in less time. While taking care of your apartment, you will be motivated instead of getting overwhelmed, as the peace you’ll receive from a clean, organised apartment will motivate you to maintain this feeling. Even home maintenance systems are easy, e.g., when going for laundry, your washer and dryer are just steps away, not going up and down the stairs. Your daily chores are close to you, which makes apartment maintenance easy peasy.

One might love doing these chores, so maybe the house and apartment doesn’t matter but wait and think for a second, ‘is this how you want to spend your weekend?’ Instead, go out with family, visit your friends or take your kids to the park! Take your time and relax; you surely deserve a break!

2. Promotes Good Connection

The connection between family members boosts in smaller spaces. Living in apartments in India requires less maintenance and promotes prayer, family, and self-care time. As apartments are built in smaller spaces, it encourages family members to bond more and share new experiences. When living in a house, one fails to get hold of when one is coming and one is going, whether or not kids are in their room sleeping or in kitchen mid-night snacking. Thus, apartments bring everyone together as all are in close proximity.

3. Financial Stability

Living in apartments in India helps shaping your spending around the lifestyle. When you move into an apartment, it only requires a small deposit fee, and there’s no monthly maintenance expense. Whereas when you buy a home, you have to come up with a down payment, appraisal fees, inspection and closing costs and later maybe insurance too!

4. Increased Safety

When considering which is better, an apartment or a house, you can’t leave behind the safety factor. Living in apartments provides security that you just can’t find at home. Many apartments in India have gated communities, controlled access, 24/7 security cameras, and fire protection. When living close to your neighbours, they can hear if something happens or notice if something is fishy and can contact authorities sooner than you.

5. A Wholesome Community Feel.

When you have neighbours living with you in apartments, it is easier to develop relationships than those living in houses. If you have children, they will have more playmates and won’t have to go too far on playdates. You can also easily socialise with your neighbours and can get in touch with them in case of emergency or help.

6. Helpful Amenities

Unlike homes, apartments are built with amenities like pools, gyms, laundry rooms, yoga rooms, parking, convenience stores etc. they are either in the premises or are nearby. If you have ever noticed, houses have limited space for parking, whereas apartments often have large parking spaces. You can always have these kinds of amenities built in your home, but you will never feel it is as rewarding. If living in lavish apartments in India, you are likely to have movie theatres, salons, and pet spas as your amenities too.

Apartments in India provide a carefree lifestyle, where one can value relationships and friendships and, ofcourse, the basic amenities. You enjoy the upgraded lifestyle without having to pick up a bill.


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