6 Tips To Remodel a Shower on a Budget

6 Tips To Remodel a Shower on a Budget

Shower remodeling on a budget is not a simple thing, still, it is possible to do it with the right planning and research. Establishing the end goal of your shower remodel project must be your first step when it comes to shower replacement options and processes.

That depends on the type of shower remodel that you would like to do, and you must adjust the budget in that way. The walk-in showers, enclosures or bathtub to shower or shower stalls all have their challenges.

Have Proper Plan Before Starting Out

No doubt working with an architect or professional designer will prove to be a pricey affair especially for a person who is looking to remodel the bathroom on a tight budget, however, money can be well spent when you give it a little thought. Having a proper plan you have worked with the professional may assure your design, timeline and budget are realistic, besides it gives you the goal to get there. When you think of hiring a designer, it will save you money and time in the long run, thus you do not make any expensive errors.

Reuse Current Pieces

Doing this work yourself will be your primary way of saving on the labor expenses. However, when we talk about materials, there’re many different ways you can save. The most effective one will be refurbishing these pieces that you have instead of buying the new ones.

The tiled shower replacement options will look new providing you clean the tile and grout completely. This grout will need a bit of patching work in the worn areas. Hence, to give it a fresher and cleaner look, you may stain the white grout and give it a darker color. Suppose you have the acrylic and fiberglass shower walls, then you may patch the cracked or dented spots.

Use Similar Materials in Lesser Price

Refurbishing the current materials will always be the right choice and saves you some money too. However, if you swap out the materials, you will find that inexpensive alternatives will look like a real thing. For instance, you can consider using luxury vinyl flooring rather than real wood plank flooring.

The vinyl flooring today appears better than the earlier iterations. The innovations like luxury vinyl flooring as well as plank vinyl will fool a person from a distance. The HD laminate countertops or quartz countertops vie with the granite to give an authentic stone. The faux-stone ceramic or porcelain tile backsplashes will look like marble and travertine and look great.

Get New Fixtures for Your Bathroom

With a shower, now you can configure out electrical fixtures as well as install the new lighting. Suppose the dimensions are smaller or bigger than the current ones, then you will have to renovate the bathroom a bit more just by adjusting its wiring.

For most of the part, it means moving GFCIs or other power outlets to line up the new vanity or cabinets in your bathroom. Basically, you do not want to reach down close to your toilet to plug in the hairdryer. Also, you must call in the electrician to complete the step, particularly if you have not worked with the home wiring earlier.

Acrylic or Tile- Make a Right Choice

Another important decision that you will have to make is the material that you want to use in the shower. Choosing the low-cost option when reworking your shower design will not be a simple task. Your budget selection for remodeling your bathroom shower has to be between fiberglass and acrylic.

You can find some prefabricated acrylic panels to apply easily and quickly to your shower walls. Suppose you are thinking of replacing the tile, first you will need to remove the tile and ensure that you attach its acrylic to the smooth surface.

Think of Fabricated Shower

Another expensive choice for the new shower can be hiring a professional designer to build the custom shower right from the scratch. Whereas site-built showers or tubs will be unique and gorgeous, just consider the prefabricated shower enclosure that costs very little. Suppose you go for the tiled shower, then fusing the poly pan with tile saves you some hassle and even the cost.

No doubt working with an architect or professional designer  http://www.water-loomerchants.com/ will prove to be a pricey affair, especially for a person who is looking to remodel the bathroom on a tight budget.