7 Key Facts Every New Parent Should Know

7 Key Facts Every New Parent Should Know

Newborn babies are very delicate and need special attention from their parents. Parents must ensure that infants have a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment to grow. This means providing them with proper nutrition and ensuring adequate sleep while protecting them from potential harm, such as accidents or injuries.

In this post, we will know what every new parent should know. Let’s start!

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Baby Feeding

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Breast milk is the best for a newborn baby! But, if breastfeeding is not an option, then the formula is the best option to provide proper nutrition.

When introducing solid food to a baby, parents should begin with starch-based foods like rice cereal or oatmeal, followed up with vegetables and fruits.

Iron-fortified cereal is also important to prevent iron deficiency. Babies should be fed small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day, usually 5-6 times per day or three meals and 2 -3 snacks per day. It’s important to remember that all babies are different; some may eat more than others or require a different diet due to health concerns.

Learn Baby Bathing Basics

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If you want to bathe your baby, you must know the right materials and understand how to bathe your baby safely.

Before getting started, ensure you have everything you need within arm’s reach: a baby tub, soap or non-soap cleanser, hooded towel, and/or washcloth.

To start bathing your baby, fill the tub with warm water (around 37°C) and place it on a flat surface near a sink.

Don’t take your eyes off your little one while they’re in the bath. Next, use mild soap or a fragrance-free cleanser to gently cleanse their body from top to bottom. If you do the same things mentioned earlier, your baby will be happy and won’t tease or cry while bathing.


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When dressing your little one, the most important thing is to ensure they’re comfortable. Always dress your baby in lightweight and breathable cotton and linen that won’t irritate their skin.

Avoid harsh synthetic materials or anything with too many buttons, zippers, or rough seams. A good rule of thumb is one more layer than what you wear yourself; remember that babies heat up much faster than adults. If it gets too warm for them, remove a layer until they feel comfortable again.

Baby Massage

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Massage is good for your baby’s development. Not only does it help to strengthen the bond between parent and child, but it can also have physical health benefits.

Research has shown that massage can help improve circulation, encourage growth and development, reduce stress hormones, and even boost immunity.

It also helps babies become more relaxed and improves their sleep quality. Different types of massages can be used depending on the baby’s age and how they react. For example, light strokes with gentle pressure are most suitable for newborns, while infants and toddlers may respond better to deeper pressure or kneading techniques.

Sanitize Your Hand before Touching the Newborn

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You need to sanitize your hands before touching your newborn baby. The reason is that a newborn’s immune system is still developing.

Even if you are healthy, it is possible for germs and bacteria on your hands to be passed on to your baby. This can lead to infections such as conjunctivitis and even more serious illnesses.

You should also keep in mind that anyone else who comes into contact with your baby will need to do the same.

Awake Baby Carefully

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When you need to wake up your baby, shaking them is not a good idea. Shaking can cause injury and can even be fatal in some cases.

Instead, try gently patting or stroking their back or the side of their head. Speak softly but firmly and tell them it’s time to wake up.

Take Safety Measures in Car and Stroller


You should always use a car seat or stroller restraint when placing your baby in the car or stroller. Car seats and strollers are designed only for children who can sit up without assistance.

The restraints secure the child and provide safety during bumps or quick turns. Ensure that the restraining straps fit snugly against your baby’s body but not too tight, as this may cause discomfort.