7 Reasons to Invest in Shoulder Wraps and Why They Are Better Than Sunblock



Recent studies regarding sunblock are alarming. The chemicals in sunblock are absorbed under the skin and damage the body’s internal system. In addition, sunblock causes harm to marine life, such as coral reefs. Because of this, it is a better alternative to wear a UV shoulder wrap instead of putting on sunblock when you need to go out under the sun.

  • Protection from sunlight

You need to apply sunblock very liberally and reapply it every couple of hours. For some brands, you need to apply it as frequently as every 80 minutes. Otherwise, you will not be protected from harmful UV rays. In addition, you could get sunburned and, over time, get damaged skin which may lead to skin cancer if you neglect to put on sunblock. A shoulder wrap is an effective alternative to sunblock. As long as you wear them, your arms are protected from the harmful sun rays.

  • Cooling effect

Regardless of whether you are using them for work or play, such as cycling, tennis, and golf, premium quality UV shoulder wraps will cool your arms. Rather than having to deal with sweaty arms, sticky sunblock, and insect repellent, using quality UV compression arm sleeves is moisture-wicking and helps keep sweat off your skin, making your arms feel cool as if they are in an air-conditioned environment. 

  • Comfy

Premium UV compression arm sleeves are incredibly comfortable, and you can wear different sizes to achieve optimal compression. You can choose a fit and feel that is most suitable for your activity. Compression not only results in making your arms feel comfy, but it also helps restore and recover muscles in your arms. In addition, it enables you to feel fresh and relaxed.

  • Zero reapplication

In contrast to sunblock, which must be reapplied every couple of hours, a quality UV compression arm sleeve will not require reapplication. 

  • No-fuss and no mess

One of the huge advantages of wearing premium quality shoulder wraps is that you are no longer required to deal with messy sunblock. Sunblock is sticky and even has an undesirable odour. Also, anything you touch will have sunblock on it. It can stain car seats, furniture, and clothing.


  • Trendy style

Aside from the skin protection it provides, arm sleeves are stylish. You can opt for classic solid colours such as white, grey, or black, which goes well with anything. Or you can don something with a pattern that is suitable for your activity and personality. For example, if you are hunting, you can choose an arm sleeve with a camouflage pattern. Numerous stylish print designs can complement any style or aesthetic. You can even have arm sleeves custom-made to support your team or cause.


  • Protection for the skin

You not only have to protect your skin from the sun. For numerous activities, your arms will be vulnerable to cuts and bruises. Whether you are mowing the lawn, picking flowers, or trimming hedges, your arms are exposed and unprotected. In these cases, sunblock provides no protection, but with quality shoulder wraps, you will get optimal safety from sharp edges and potential accidents that come with outdoor activities.

It is crucial to get premium protection for your arms since it is the part of the body that is often vulnerable to UV damage and sunburn. Shoulder wraps are specifically designed to protect this particular area of the body so you can focus on playing under the sun and enjoying your activity.


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