7 Top Food Hygiene Tips

7 Top Food Hygiene Tips
source: medicalxpress.com

If we’ve learned anything from the Covid pandemic, it’s the importance of food hygiene. Who knows what the world would be like now if the markets in Wuhan had never birthed the coronavirus!

Moving forward, you and your business must make food hygiene a priority. Being safe about handling food is in your best interests. It’s also in the best interests of your customers, your business, and society as a whole.

Are you ready to learn some crucial tips to keep your food clean and safe? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn our top seven tips regarding food hygiene.

1. Practice Proper Hygiene

Washing our hands often is so important for food safety. Any bacteria or germs you have on your hands could spread to your food when you eat it. That’s why you, your family, and your staff should always practice proper hygiene.

2. Inspect Your Food

The quality of your food matters. That’s why you should always inspect your food before you prepare it or eat it.

If you’re a business, then always inspect your shipments to ensure the food is top-quality. Ensure packages are fresh and at the proper temperature upon arrival.

3. Avoid Cross-Contamination

Never use the same cutting board for raw meat and fresh vegetables. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences of cross-contamination.

This can spread germs and make you sick.

4. Know-How to Store Your Food

Good food hygiene starts when you first get your food items. Most likely, you’re not going to consume all the food you get right away. This is especially true if you run a business.

Most foods need to get stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They also need exposure to air circulation to stay fresh.

5. Do Not Thaw Your Meat at Room Temperature

Thawing frozen meats is a chore for moms everywhere. Do you know the right way to thaw out your meat, though? If you leave it at room temperature, then you could be breeding bacteria!

Instead, thaw your meat in the refrigerator or microwave.

6. Expiration Dates Matter

Have you ever eaten an expired food item? Most likely.

Despite that, you shouldn’t make a habit of it. Expiration dates matter!

7. Train Your Staff

If you’re a business, then you need to train your staff. They may not know the proper way to store, handle, prepare, and cook food. Use the resources available to you, like PCQI training, to ensure your staff gets informed.

Food Hygiene Now and Forever

Are you still wondering whether food hygiene is that important? The WHO says that one in ten individuals will get sick every year from contaminated food. Don’t let your establishment or home reflect that statistic!

Instead, use the tips above. You, your loved one, and your patrons will appreciate your efforts.

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