8 Reasons Your Household Needs A Quality Water Filter

8 Reasons Your Household Needs A Quality Water Filter
Water filters. Carbon cartridges and a glass on a blue background. Household filtration system.

Did you know that there are countless contaminants in domestic water due to underground pollution and other harmful sources? With this in mind, filtering water is necessary.

Whether you use well or tap water, there are certain amounts of contaminants in it. Most of these are man-made, while some come from your natural surroundings. For this reason, installing a quality water filter should not be dismissed as an unnecessary luxury. With the help of one of the best rated filter installers in your area, you can be assured that you’re using and drinking safe and contaminant-free water.

But, if you still have doubts about using a water filter in your home, below are some reasons your household requires a good quality water filter:

8 Reasons Your Household Needs A Quality Water Filter
A glass of clean water with osmosis filter, green leaves and cartridges on wooden table in kitchen interior. Concept Household filtration system.

1. Filter Out Chemicals Or Contaminants

The water you use from the tap contains several contaminants or chemicals, which are usually harmful to your health. For instance, unintentionally ingesting fluoride for an extended period can affect your teeth and bones. Unfortunately, this mineral is commonly found in tap water. This is also true for chemicals like pesticides and chlorine, which are also usually present in domestic water.

However, when you install a quality water filter, you can be sure that such chemicals are filtered, providing you safe and clean water to use. Just ensure to maintain your water filter properly for it to last and guarantee better water quality for many years.

2. Improve The Environment

Once you start consuming healthier and cleaner water at home, you’ll be less likely to buy bottled water. In doing so, you’re also contributing to environmental causes. You no longer have to dispose of plastic bottles, which often aren’t recycled properly and often end in landfills and garbage heaps. So, if you’re looking for more sustainable ways to consume water, install a water filter in your home.

3. Save More Money

More often than not, people purchase a lot of bottled water to avoid ingesting the contaminants or chemicals found in tap water. If you’re one of them, you’ll be glad to know that installing a quality water filter in your home can help you promote good health while saving money.

With filtered water, you can have peace of mind as you enjoy tap water at home. This eliminates the need to buy bottled water. However, for you to make the most out of filtered water, make sure to choose the filter that’s best suited for your property and unique needs.

4. Lessen Plumbing Repairs

Filtering water often results in reduced plumbing repairs. Keep in mind that the dirt, sediments, chemicals, or particles from your water supply can damage the pipes that transport water throughout your home. When your pipes get damaged, it can result in leaks, which may lead to expensive repairs. Also, these substances can impact the operation of your appliances such as water heaters.

To avoid that from happening, you need to install a water filter. With this, you won’t only lessen your plumbing repairs, but you’ll also enjoy better water without the need to worry about getting damaged pipes or faulty appliances in the long run.

5. Improve Drinking Water Quality

If you have a water filter, you can use and drink tap water without any worries. However, if you’re still worried or hesitant about drinking water straight from the tap, you can consider boiling your water once to ensure safety.

When you first drink filtered water, you’ll immediately find that it tastes better than unfiltered water or even bottled water. This is because the chemicals, impurities, or tiny plastic particles in the water are removed and the pH level is low, which is good for your overall health and palate.

6. Prevent Skin Irritation

If you have sensitive skin, exposure to water chemicals like chlorine can worsen your condition and may cause skin irritations. Fortunately, with a water filter, you can prevent the development of these skin problems and avoid suffering from any possible skin conditions.

7. Prevent Illness

There are instances that tap water becomes contaminated with pathogens like viruses and bacteria. When they’re in large numbers, such microbes may lead to serious gastrointestinal diseases.

Also, water supplies that aren’t cleaned properly frequently contain hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, lead, and chlorine. Over time, these substances might increase one’s risk of getting ailments like nervous system illnesses and cancer.

8. Enjoy Cleaner Clothes And Save More On Soap

Water with a high amount of minerals can lessen the effectiveness of the soap you use for laundry or washing dishes. By having a quality water filter in your home, you’ll find that your appliances like dishwashers and washing machines will function more effectively. With this, your dishes and clothes will be much cleaner and you don’t have to worry about dealing with the possible buildup of mineral deposits in your appliances.

Bottom Line

Most homeowners think that installing a quality water filter is just an unnecessary expense. However, with the above reasons, one can’t argue that a filter is essential if you want to drink and use safe and clean water for your household needs. Although it does come with certain costs, the perks of having water filters ensure that your money is well-spent and that you and your family will benefit from it.