8 Things To Avoid In Parenthood

8 Things To Avoid In Parenthood
8 Things To Avoid In Parenthood

8 Things To Avoid In Parenthood: Parenting is a beautiful thing, one that should be highly appreciated. Remember, not everyone who wants to become parents get their wishes fulfilled, so count yourself as lucky. Expecting a baby also comes with all the anxiety in the world. As a result, most parents will have a pre-determined notion about the sex of the child they want. Some parents will end up buying baby boy clothes in anticipation of a boy only to later get a girl. Even with the anxiety, there are things you should avoid as you parent your newborn. 

1. Expressing Conditional Love

Children need unconditional love as they grow to learn to accept themselves wholeheartedly. Sometimes, we are so set on the sex of child we want that we take out our frustrations on them sub-consciously. Buying high-quality baby boy clothes for your little boy, for example, is a very good way to show your unconditional love for him. 

2. Being Too Busy

While we still need to make ends meet, getting lost in our busy schedules can make your child feel neglected and unimportant. Teach your child with care and patience, giving them the attention they crave and deserve.

3. Being Inconsistent 

Being inconsistent with your discipline can send the wrong signal and leave the child confused and unsure about what’s right and wrong.

4. Breaking Your Child’s Self-Esteem

The development of a sense of self begins as a baby. Your kids absorb your every expression, tone of voice and body language. Failing to praise even the slightest of accomplishments can be heart-breaking for a child and will break their self-esteem.

5. Allowing Your Phone to Be a Distraction

Phones have become a vital part of our lives, and it is easy for one to get so engrossed in these gadgets that you forget your surroundings. Allowing your phone to draw you away from your kids will make you miss important milestones in your child’s life and create a sense of neglect in them.

6. Not Being Present

Being present means just that. Experience whatever activity you are engaged in with your child with absolute mindfulness. Do not operate on auto-pilot. When you give your child all your focus and attention, even the simplest of tasks creates a new way of connecting with your child. This will make them willing participants, decreasing your frustration levels.

7. Encouraging Too Much Screen Time

Sometimes parenting can make you feel swamped. Pushing your kids to watch TV as a way to keep them busy so that you can find time to attend to your needs is highly discouraged. Instead, set up crafts, colouring, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, or writing projects for your kids that will keep them engaged as you attend to work matters. This can help instil good work ethics in your children.

8. Neglecting Yourself

It is easy for parents to neglect their personal needs with little ones in the picture but remember, this can be a significant cause of resentment and frustration. There’s no need to feel guilty when you create some you-time. Taking a break is not only essential for your well-being, but it boosts your mental health as well. Taking care of yourself is, in essence, doing something vital for your children.