9 Practical Home Improvement Projects for 2022

9 Practical Home Improvement Projects for 2022

Given the online nature of work-from-home setups, classes, and meetings, it can be quite difficult to bring back the privacy and space in your house. Work may sometimes feel like it’s overstepping into your home life. So, instead of having a cramped living and working space, try out these practical home improvements that can help you compartmentalize more efficiently.

The 9 Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects don’t have to be costly or grand. Sometimes, a simple change in arrangement or view can do wonders for your house. Here are easy ways to achieve that in 2022:

1. Ensure Safety With HVAC Upgrades

With strict physical distancing protocols imposed in certain areas, most of the work and classes that were usually done in separate spaces are now done simultaneously in the same vicinity. This has led to the increase of more breathing bodies inside your home, causing faster temperature increase and heat accumulation. 

Microbe concentration in the air also increases dramatically as house members limit their outdoor ventures. By upgrading your current HVAC system with a filtration mechanism or installing anti-microbial tiles, you can have better indoor air quality.

2. Prioritize Sustainability

The pandemic has wreaked havoc globally, not only by causing physical harm to others but also by overshadowing some of the major environmental issues that humanity is facing right now, like global warming. This long battle with the issue is not going anywhere, so everyone has to play their part in mitigating its effects.

One way you can do that is by prioritizing sustainability in your home. You can plant trees in your yard, which could provide more habitats for local critters, a source of soil nutrients, and cleaner air. You can get deals by searching up local maple trees for sale in Brampton, or whatever store is selling nearest to you.

3. Create Multi-functional Spaces

Separating your home and workspace is crucial for a more productive setup. Having those lines blurred could mess up your psyche and cause problems such as procrastination, overwork, and lack of focus. So, how can you create separate spaces when your home has a limited area in the first place?

The solution for that is multi-functional rooms. With ergonomic furniture, efficient interior design, and strategic ergonomic remodelling, you can make a more compartmentalized space, without having to build another one. 

4. Design a Bathroom Haven

Relaxation is just as important as the hustle and daily grind. Finding the time to recharge and unwind is crucial for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. However, with social spaces getting closed down or having limited capacities, finding these relaxing spaces can be a challenge.

So, instead of getting bummed out by being stuck in your home the entire day, why not reclaim your sweet spot by renovating your bathroom for privacy and decompressing haven. Improve every aspect of it so that it fits your luxurious vision. Make it feel like a spa that you can escape to within the comforts of your home.

5. Improve Outdoor Property

Improve Outdoor Property

Meeting with your friends in the post-pandemic era is not what it used to be. As government mandates impose strict physical distancing, having an indoor party or event with a large number of guests is prohibited.

Instead of risking everyone’s safety by forcing an enclosed house party, why not move the fun outdoors on your lawn. To make sure that everyone gets a good time, invest in landscaping and outdoor property upgrades.

Hiring an expert in hedge trimming in Richmond Hill, or in your locality itself, can work wonders on your gatherings as the area becomes wider and more spacious. Doing so will also reduce the amount of pest population that may disrupt your party plans.

6. Install a Mudroom

Now that you’ve expanded your outdoor space, you also need to pay attention to the transition area where nature meets with the indoors. Dirt, mud, and pathogens can stick to your shoes and clothes, so make sure to create a mudroom where you can clean up. These mudrooms will serve as transitional areas that contain water faucets, shoe racks, coat hangers, disinfectants, alcohols, and more that can help you remove any contaminants.

7. Remodel Your Kitchen

Remodel Your Kitchen

A space for health, wellness, and creativity, the kitchen is where you can explore all your gustatory delights. And, as the world temporarily closes its doors, ordering for take-outs may seem like a tempting choice. However, these fast-food dishes are often oily and very unhealthy. So, instead of consuming these sodium-rich foods, why not improve your health during the pandemic by cooking delicious, healthy, and homemade meals?

And, you can better achieve that by remodelling your kitchen and equipping it with the latest appliances and technologies. Invest in kitchen remodelling now, because doing so is also an investment in your future health.

8. Make Room for Storage

Spacious homes for the year 2022 are the way to go. With so many things to get done, having a cramped home design can become a hindrance to your remote setup. Instead of feeling distracted with all the extra stuff, try configuring and reimagining your current storage furniture so that it fits more things inside. Use overlooked spaces that have storage potential, like your under-bed area, under-stairs area, kitchen shelves, and more.

9. Improve Your Home Office View

Natural sunlight can help your mind relax better and function well. With a home office, having that feature may seem like a challenge. Especially, when your view is blocked by a fence or plant. By hiring an expert in tree removal in Newmarket to clear your outdoor view, you can make sure that your office window can have more sunlight and fresh breeze streaming in during the day.

As employees transition to a post-pandemic work environment, more and more of the population find themselves working remotely in their homes. This sudden setup change has disrupted the boundaries between office and house space as both seem to blend into one. It doesn’t have to be that way, because, with some affordable and easy home improvements, you’ll be able to have a better work and life balance.