9 Things to Check in an Apartment Before Renting

9 Things to Check in an Apartment Before Renting
source: renthop.com

Rental apartments are usually susceptible to structural issues like cranky windows, pest infestation, and leaking taps. Whether it’s for a few months or you’re planning to rent a property for a long time, checking common apartment issues can help you decide about renting the place. 

Prior apartment inspection, either by you or a home inspector, will also help you negotiate on rent, and you can see to it that the contract clearly mentions that the landlord and not you will handle the repairs. Read on to look for nine hidden areas to look for when renting apartments in Chicago il

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Check the Walls for Damage

Inspect the walls of the apartment for any cracks or holes. If there are any, ask the landlord how they will be repaired. Also, ensure that the paint is in good condition and that no water stains on the ceiling. These could indicate a bigger problem, like a leaking roof.

Inspect the Floors

You can easily tell if the tiles are cracked, the floor feels scratchy, has holes, and is poorly maintained. Among the most obvious structural issues, do not take damaged floors lightly. Such an issue can become the reason for slips, trips, and falls. This can be detrimental if seniors will live with you. Also, inspect each room and closet floor to check for leaks.

Check the Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are essential in every home, so you need to ensure they’re in tiptop condition before signing a lease. Inspect all the windows and doors in the apartment, including those in the bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms. Make sure they open and close smoothly. Also, check for holes or cracks in the door frames that might let in pests.

Have a Look at the Electrical System

You will need to know if each room has enough outlets and if they’re grounded. Inspect all the cords and make sure they’re not damaged. Also, check the switchplates and see if they’re loose. These could be a fire hazard. Ask the landlord about any electrical repairs that need to be done.

Look For Signs of Pests

Pests like bedbugs can give you sleepless nights and make you regret not checking the signs beforehand. Look for signs of pests, such as droppings, egg sacks, and carcasses. Also, listen for any skittering sound coming from the walls or floors. If you see any live pests, ask the landlord how they will be exterminated.

Check the Plumbing

Turn on all the faucets and flush all the toilets to check if they’re working properly. Inspect under the sinks and look for any leaks. Also, check the water pressure to ensure it’s not too low. These could be signs of major plumbing issues. Ask the landlord how they will be fixed.

Inspect the Heating and Cooling Systems

It’s important to know if the apartment has heating and cooling systems and if they’re working properly. Ask the landlord to show you how to use them. Also, check the vents and make sure they’re not blocked. These could cause a fire hazard.

Check for Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Ensure that there are smoke detectors in each room and that they’re working properly. You should also ask about the carbon monoxide detector and find out where it’s located.

Consider the Storage Space

Apartments usually have limited storage space. So, before you move in, check if there’s enough space for all your things. Inspect the closets and see if they’re big enough for your clothes and other belongings. Also, check under the sinks and in the cabinets to see if there’s additional space.

Final Word

Before you sign a lease, it’s important to inspect the apartment carefully. This will help you avoid any hidden problems that might cause problems later. By doing so, you can also negotiate with the landlord on the rent and other terms of the lease. We are sure the above tips were helpful. Now is the moment to search trustworthy sites like Rentberry to locate your ideal rental property in London, UK, like so many others.