9 Top Tips That Will Help You to Find an Awesome Resort in Orlando That Your Family Will Love

9 Top Tips That Will Help You to Find an Awesome Resort in Orlando That Your Family Will Love

When you are heading to Orlando with your family, you want to be sure that you can have a fantastic time. This may be a once in a lifetime trip, so you want to be sure that each day is filled with joy and happiness. To make this happen, you need to stay in an awesome resort. However, as there are so many resorts to choose from, how can you be sure that you are getting the right one – and where do you start even choosing one? You will do more than just sleep at a resort or hotel, so keep this in consideration.


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Tip 1. Go For A Hotel or Resort That is Near The Action

“The magic of Disney awaits.”

To get started, you need to get hold of a map of Orlando. Once you have a map in your position (whether physical or online), you can then start looking at your search (or location radius). Where are you looking to stay in Orlando, and why? Without a search radius, you may end up staying in a resort that is nowhere near the places or sights you want to visit. You will want to look at resorts that are near to where all the action is taking place. If you are located too far away from Disney and Universal parks or too far away from shopping malls and other attractions, you will find getting around tedious. You will also find that traveling so much sucks the fund out of your vacation. A resort that is in the thick of things and right in the center of the action will allow you to explore Orlando at a pace that is comfortable and suitable for every member of your family.

Tip 2. Decide Where You Want to Be Near

If you are vacationing in Orlando because you want to visit all the parks, then you need to know which ones you want to visit and be near, as they are spread out. When you know which parks or areas you want to be nearer to, you can again narrow your search criteria. If you are not sure which park or area you are looking at, your search list will be too long, and it will be hard to choose just one. When you are deciding which parks to be close to, try and make it a joint decision, and get everyone’s input.

Tip 3. Look At Themed Hotels and Resorts

To fully indulge in your Orlando vacation, you may want to stay in a Disney-themed hotel. From minions to Disney movie-themed hotels, you can stay in a resort that indulges in those characters that you and your family love and adore. Quite often, when you think about themes of hotels and resorts, you may think that the price would be quite high. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are lots of rooms on offer, and quite often, they are affordably priced and suitable for most travel budgets. If you decide to look at themed hotels and resorts, then decide how long you want to stay in one. Do you want to immerse yourself for your whole vacation? Or, would you prefer a few fun days?

Tip 4. Make Sure a Resort Is Child Friendly

You want to enjoy the resort that you choose, but you also want to make sure your kids have fun too. If the resort that you choose is not suitable for kids, or even kid-friendly, you may well find that it has an impact on how much fun they have on their vacation. Results that are not kid-friendly (or that are more focused on adults) will always state this in their brochures and particulars – so always keep an eye on the small print. A resort that is child friendly may feature lots to do, such as gaming areas, activity centers, clubs, and possibly even meet and greets.

Tip 5. Find A Resort That Offers A Water Park


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“Simply hours of fun to be had in the outdoor water park.”

Even though you may want to visit the parks a lot of the time, you should still remember to enjoy what the resort you choose has to offer. If you can get a resort that features a water park, you will be able to have hours of fun (cheaply too). For example, westgateresorts.com has an outdoor pool and waterpark to entice and captivate all members of your family. Their website (https://www.westgateresorts.com/hotels/florida/orlando/) has all the details and will help give your family hours of fun. Do not overlook the importance of having a pool on your doorstep.

Tip 6. Decide On a Budget For The Whole Stay

Even though you want your family vacation to be awesome, you have to remember to take cost into account. The resort that you choose will take a sizeable chunk of your overall budget. To ensure your resort does not eat into your whole budget, you will find it beneficial to break down your spending and budget. If you do not set a budget for your vacation at the start, then you may end up spending more than the going rate. Budgets can help you make the most out of your cash, and they can help you spend wisely too. When you are creating and setting a budget for the whole stay, you need to break down the amount into per person and per day. When you do this, you can be sure that your budget is as accurate as possible. When setting a vacation budget, you need to cover travel, food, drink, tips, toys, treats, and entrance fees too.

Tip 7. Check Out the Amenities and Facilities on Offer

The amenities and facilities that a resort or hotel have to offer is important. If there are facilities that you want, such as a spa or shopping boutiques, then you must try and get this – if you can. If the amenities and facilities are not living up to your expectations, you will find that you will be disappointed. Disappointment is no good on your Orlando vacation, so before it creeps in, think about what amenities you want and which ones you must have. Other facilities that may come in handy with a family include babysitting services and a golfing green. The more there is to do in your resort and hotel, then the easier you will find it to fill those off days.

Tip 8. Utilize Family Blogs and Family Bloggers

There are plenty of other families that have been on vacation to Orlando before you, and utilizing their experience and their knowledge will be beneficial to you and to your planning. Reading family blogs and tracking the journeys of other family bloggers will help you avoid making mistakes. It will also help you establish what resorts you might like and which ones you should definitely avoid. When it comes to using family bloggers, you will want to use only those that feature recent reviews, simply because these will be more relevant. If the blogger or family has visited Orlando and Disney on more than one occasion, then this may give you even more insight.

Tip 9. Food and Beverage are Important During Your Stay

Food and drink are essentials during your vacation. Choosing a resort based on the food and beverage – packages or deals that they offer may sound extreme. However, these packages and deals can end up literally saving you hundreds of dollars. Looking at the food and drink on offer in a resort is important because there will be times when you simply don’t feel like leaving your room and going out for a bit to eat. It is good to know that you are covered by your resort when you want (or need) something to eat or drink. When you are staying in a resort with kids, they can be a little picky, so it is best to have a good selection and variety on offer at all times. If you have no variety, then it may affect hope awesome your vacation is.

Your Next Steps

Now that you have taken all of these top tips on board, it is now time to start making those all-important next steps. Look at resorts and hotels around the parks, and look at what reviewers and bloggers are saying. Getting this decision right is important for the success of your vacation. If you are going to rush, you are likely to make a mistake or two. As you are researching and finding the most awesome resort that you can, you need to remember that feedback from guests and travelers is valuable. The more insight you can get into a hotel or resort, then the more informed your decision will be.