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Analytics is becoming increasingly challenging because of several complicated analytics solutions available, including Google Analytics and third-party analytics. Even the most savvy website owner may get confused by the multiple screens of information and options provided by each analytics solution. However, it does not have to be complicated.

Swetrix Analytics is a straightforward internet analytics tool that offers both plain and concise data. It respects your privacy and takes pleasure in offering a simple dashboard with all the stats you want.

Swetrix Analytics has Always had two Concurrent Objectives.

By anonymizing visitor data and adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and PECR regulations, we ensure your privacy. We’re the top Google Analytics substitute with a privacy-focused approach. (Plus, your website doesn’t require GDPR or cookie banners!)

Be highly straightforward analytics so that our consumers can access the information they want from a stunning single dashboard that is supported by scalable technology.

The data you required to make business choices with metrics you would need a data scientist to grasp. To further examine the data, some even needed complex training, qualification, or expert employment.

All of this has changed because of Swetrix Analytics.

We are the only internet analytics firm that focuses entirely on privacy while still being easy to use.

What Exactly is Web Analytics?

Analyzing how users locate and interact with your website is known as website analytics. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the majority of them—like Swetrix—uses a simple javascript file that transmits data to website analytics programs.

Because they may assist website owners in making more informed decisions regarding their websites, website analytics is crucial. A company or website owner may make modifications and drive more traffic to their websites by utilizing basic website analytics to discover what material is performing well. This is which referrers are delivering the most traffic and even how well certain events are working.

Google Analytics and the majority of corporate website analytics solutions are the opposite of Swetrix Analytics.

While Swetrix Analytics provides an analytics solution (so we don’t need to sell data, plus we can’t since we don’t gather any personal data), Google Analytics is free since they are an advertising firm that utilizes personal data to target individuals with advertisements.

Why not use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is used to measure user activity on 53% of all websites. Google Analytics is used by 84% of the websites with known analytics scripts. It accounts for 0.64% of all network requests and is the most common third-party request on the internet. Even if being free and well-liked might be a nice trade-off, there are drawbacks:

  1. The biggest ad-tech corporation in the world is in charge of Google Analytics. A firm that thrives on consuming every piece of personal information it can. Because Google has made its money by amassing vast quantities of personal data and exploiting this data to sell targeted advertising, its products are available for free.
  1. The amount of information that Google Analytics gathers is excessive for most website owners. Only a small percentage of the data it measures is actually useful to most individuals on a daily basis.
  1. You may gain insights from Google Analytics’ more than 290 distinct indicators and more than 125 different reports. It takes a full-time job to analyze these, as well as a lot of time, effort, knowledge, and experience to do it correctly.
  1. Google Analytics collects and archives personal data about users of your website. Then, the information may be used for advertising or as evidence by attorneys in civil proceedings.
  1. It’s difficult to locate anything pertinent in Google Analytics or acquire the information you want. Their program is extremely active and constantly producing reports, giving the impression that using it well would need a full-time job (in fact, many people make a living as Google Analytics experts).
  1. Many Google Analytics customers are compelled to learn how to produce unique reports to obtain the data they want.
  1. Google Analytics is pressuring customers to switch to GA4, which takes setup and expertise to acquire the data you need since their existing version is being phased out. Additionally, it uses a whole different tracking methodology from basic analytics.

Website Analytics Tool Swetrix is Straightforward

Due to the fact that we only provide crucial indicators on our dashboard, Swetrix Analytics is a straightforward website analytics tool. You don’t need to comprehend 125 pages of reports with hundreds of metrics. The information you require to assist your website or company in tracking the website metrics that matter is available with a simple and easy-to-understand layout.

The first online analytics application to provide all the data you would want on a single page in a dashboard was Swetrix Analytics. Our program only collects the information you’d need to make business decisions, protecting the privacy of your website users in the process.

Swetrix’s Straightforward Analytics Interface Contains…

Google Analytics substitute with a privacy-focused cookie policy. Your websites and online apps will have a cutting-edge, customizable experience thanks to its analytics solution. The excellent tool Swetrix allows you to track all the metrics you want without ever breaching the privacy of your users.

You can always view the full picture with Swetrix in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to scraping user data, the Google Analytics interface and features are complex, crowded, and disorganized, making it difficult to discover the metrics you need. This is one of the greatest downsides of the software. Swetrix provides analytics in a very straightforward manner, allowing you to see all of your reports, data, and notifications right away.

Swetrix is also open-source and privacy-focused. Only data that they declare are tracked by them. Their service generally complies with laws like GDPR, PECR, CCPA, ePrivacy, and COPPA, and their analytics script is entirely cookie-free. You may be confident that all of the data Swetrix collects is anonymized when you use their services. Swetrix also makes a point of being as open and considerate as possible when it comes to privacy.

Regarding functionality, Swetrix allows you to build up custom events like button clicks or registrations in addition to providing basic tracking of the traffic that visits your website. You may manage timezones, and API keys, track unique visitors, segment data, share your project with other Swetrix users, receive full email reports, export GDPR data, and more.

Swetrix gives customers the option to set up and utilize two-factor authentication for security (2FA).

Swetrix is entirely free to use for as many as 5000 events per month and as many as 10 projects. You may always subscribe to one of the subscription plans, which starts at $15 per month for up to 100k events per month if you need more flexibility, or you can self-host the service using Docker containers.

Our customers love the simple website analytics…

Michael Small business owner

In business, I need to understand how customers behave on a website and why they buy or don’t buy my product.

Swetrix gives me the necessary data and valuable insights to understand my website visitors and help me increase sales.

Read more about Swetrix at our website or take a walkthrough of our live demo at this website link: https://swetrix.com/projects/STEzHcB1rALV 

How to change from Google Analytics to a different open source analytics solution

Do you have a blog or website? Consider taking a chance on Swetrix.

Explore our open-source site analytics dashboard by signing up for a free with unlimited usage and no commitments. If you haven’t tried Swetrix and decided that you like it, you don’t even need to switch from your present analytics supplier.

No matter which CMS you use or how you created your website, Swetrix is easy to set up and connect. To start collecting data, all you need to do is join up and integrate our analytics into your website.

Other Reasons to Choose Swetrix

  1. Measure website traffic with 99% accuracy with Swetrix.

The best analytics tool for tracking all fundamental parameters and seeing the appropriate data.

  1. Geo and Demo reports

It is a standard, yes. However, we already keep track of the precise location of your users.

  1. UTM and Refers tracking

Without any data loss, all of the traffic from your businesses and websites will be displayed.

  1. Agile method

It is simple to set up and customize a flexible system of settings for the fundamental usage guidelines, such as session definition, traffic accounting, and other considerations.

  1. Special events

You may evaluate the success of your website by looking at its user-friendly design and the simplicity of establishing goals.

  1. User flow

Keep track of the users’ paths to and from your website. Analyze your visitors’ behavior and habits.

  1. Objectivity

Everyone, especially regarding analytics, has a right to privacy and transparency, according to Swetrix.

All data is held on servers physically situated in the European Union, we don’t gather more information than we provide, and our analytics script is publicly open and easily accessible on our Github page.

  1. Browser Extensions

Need a fast snapshot of your website’s statistics? For this, we created extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

With them, you can quickly examine the most crucial insights, get notifications when traffic peaks, and much more!

  1. Clarity

We tried to make our service as user-friendly and adaptable as we could when developing it. With us, you can easily and simply maintain control over your projects and data. Gone are the days of perplexing metrics and difficult dashboards.

  1. Tracking of Page Views

Page views, including unique views and user flow, may be tracked with Swetrix.

Every view has different information, like the user’s nation, location, device type, page load speed, and more.

We do not use cookies and other user profiling methods to gather information. Since all incoming data is anonymized, users cannot be identified using this information.

  1. Tracking Custom Events

We provide the option to track custom events in addition to page visits. Any event may be tracked, including button clicks, registrations, and authorizations. The user may also be sure that everything is kept confidential because we don’t save personal data about them along with the occurrences. In our documentation, you can find additional information about custom events.

  1. Speed

We move quickly. Our analytics script is delivered via CDNs and is as optimized as possible, so it won’t cause your sites to load more slowly.

  1. Trust

We are a tiny company, not a huge organization.

We are not interested in exploiting our consumers for profit or selling their personal information; rather, we want to build a nice, high-quality product that pleased customers will utilize.

The Cost of Swetrix

Because Google has developed its business and its income by gathering and analyzing vast quantities of personal data from online users and utilizing this data to sell advertisements, Google Analytics is free.

Swetrix is not involved in such a business strategy. Additionally, no private information is being gathered and examined. Swetrix gives you complete ownership and control over all data, which is not shared with or sold to any outside parties.

Swetrix was created and is privately owned. We must make a profit to fund the project and maintain our operations. However, since the “Hobby” basic package is free, you do not need to purchase this package. But if you wish to upgrade to our services, you’ll need to pay a small fee of between $15 and $110.

Swetrix is Concerned With Your Privacy

We think it’s critical to secure your privacy. Our customers are important to us. At this time, we cannot completely give up on Google and Facebook, but we are making changes to better protect our clients.

We are here to help company owners like you.

Many organizations are lacking essential analytics tools, and it’s losing those sales. Swetrix provides the necessary insights to support business growth.

So that’s everything there is to know about Swetrix. To discover more about the product in-depth, visit https://swetrix.com.