A Guide for the Perfect Home Cinema Setup

A Guide for the Perfect Home Cinema Setup
Source: techradar.com

This is a golden age of high technology that has opened the door to quality-of-life improvements that were just not possible a few decades ago. Technology and entertainment tend to go hand in hand and you now have products such as voice operated speaker systems that can allow you to stream your favourite music from a choice of literally millions of songs just by saying a few words.

In the same vein, the quality of home entertainment products has improved to the point where homeowners can now choose home cinema systems that can allow you to stream or project your favourite movies in ultra-high definition. Modern home cinema setups can almost rival the experience gained from going to a local cinema but without the queuing or costs associated with it. In this article some of the key choices are discussed that will enable you to decide on your ideal home cinema setup.

· Additional speakers

A key ingredient in an excellent home cinema setup is using additional speakers to achieve a true cinema audio experience. There are an immense range of quality home cinema speakers on the market today. Key considerations are achieving a fully immersive surround sound effect and in the highest fidelity Dolby sound quality that your budget allows for.

Remember to consider and plan for speaker placement in the layout of your room. Most speaker manufacturers offer guidance on the perfect placement of their units to allow a fully immersive sound experience but trial and error with placement is also worthwhile to ensure you get the perfect audio setup for your room.

· To stream or to project?

One of the key considerations in terms of equipment for your home cinema is whether to use a projector or a large high-definition TV to act as your screen. A projector is great for screening movies on large areas as some of the best can produce ultra high-definition video on screens as big as 150 inches in diameter. These tend to be favored by homeowners who have such a large space in their home cinema rooms to enable this.

However, another equally valid option is to use a large screen smart TV to act as your cinema screen. Modern smart TVs have built in internet connectivity and therefore allow you to stream an immense range of films and TV programs from companies such as Netflix effortlessly and with a minimum of setup. When streaming in 4K it makes sense to ensure that you have an ultra-fast fiber optic internet connection such as those offered by Missouri fiber internet providers. Having an ultra-fast connection will ensure that streaming is smooth and uninterrupted in the best possible visual quality.

· Lighting considerations

With the visual and audio components of your home cinema system taken care of, it also is worthwhile to consider the lighting in this space. Whilst you will certainly be watching movies and TV series in the dark for that true cinema experience, it makes sense to install lighting systems that allow remote controlled functioning.

A range of smart lighting systems are available on the market today that can be operated by smartphone apps. These allow you to dim or turn off the room’s lighting without having to get up out of your seat and adds an extra layer of style and authenticity to any home cinema setup.