A Guide to Choosing the Best Center Speaker

A Guide to Choosing the Best Center Speaker
source: crutchfield.com

A center channel speaker is below or above the TV in a surround sound system. It is possibly the most important speaker in a home theater system. This is because it blends all the voices, vocals, and dialogue to produce a harmonious sound that brings a sense of reality. Some people argue that the right and left channel speakers can get the job done, but for an authentic and enchanting listening experience, a center channel speaker is necessary.

It is essential to choose a suitable center channel speaker to have a pleasurable listening experience. Below we list five factors you should consider when buying one.

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1. Compatibility

Your surround home theater system’s right and left speakers are supposed to complement the center speaker and not seek to compete with it. When choosing a center channel speaker, you should buy the same brand and series as your left and right speakers.

Compatibility does not only apply to the brand, and series size is also a significant contributor. The right and left speakers should not be too big or too small compared to the center speakers. Getting the same size or slightly different-sized speakers is the key to getting the right balance between the right-left speakers and the center speaker.

2. Woofer Size

The size of your center speakers’ woofers affects the quality of sound produced. Different sized woofers are suitable for different sounds. For most people, movies and TV shows are their primary sources of entertainment. A quality compact woofer is ideal for getting the best movie experience. Movies and TV shows are all about the dialogue and less about the bass. A small woofer tends to make voices and vocals more comprehensible.

3. Type of Tweeter

The type of tweeter makes a difference to how the speaker sounds. Tweeters made of metal have a crisp sound, while those of soft materials like silk have a smooth sound.

4. Speaker Design

Another contributing factor to the sound quality is the design. You should go for a three-way design with a midrange and vertically aligned tweeter. The arrangement of your center channel speaker will determine how well it sounds.

5. Placement

Before buying your center speaker, you should know where you will place it. The room size and location of your TV screen are factors you should consider before purchasing a center speaker.

Ordinarily, the center speaker should sit between the right and left speakers and below the TV to avoid disturbing the surround sound experience. You should tilt it up to directly face your ears as the home theater needs to be as near as possible to the ear level. It is important to note that no matter how many speakers you have in your surround sound system, they all should be in front of the listener.


Choosing the suitable center channel speaker for your surround sound system can be a confusing experience. The tips above are just a simple guide to help you choose the most appropriate center speaker to give you the best listening experience. If you still have any challenges, you can always contact the customer care of your speaker brand to guide you through the process of choosing a center channel speaker.