A Guide to Masculine Jewelry: The Do’s and Don’ts for Men

A Guide to Masculine Jewelry: The Do's and Don'ts for Men

Jewelry was made to accentuate someone’s attire! And that is exactly what masculine jewelry can do for you.

However, sometimes wearing the wrong jewelry styles and colors can make you look more feminine than you would like.

Thankfully this can be easily fixed by knowing the right styles of jewelry. So keep reading to learn more about jewelry for men!

What Is Masculine Jewelry?

Masculine jewelry tends to be thicker and bolder than feminine jewelry. A lot of the time feminine jewelry is a lot more dainty and soft when compared to men’s jewelry.

There really aren’t any rules on who can wear what when it comes to jewelry. However, if you are trying to gain more masculine energy, then wearing the right man jewelry can help you gain confidence!

The most common jewelry for men are watches, pocket watches, belt buckles, and chains.

Don’t Oversize Your Jewelry

There is a rhyme and reason to jewelry and how to wear it. In other words, all jewelry was created to accentuate. Unfortanelty, when you wear oversized pieces, it causes a disturbance rather than an accent.

So how do you know if you’re wearing the right jewelry? Well, you want to look at the individual pieces. For example, are you wearing bold watches that dont fit your wrist frame?

Or maybe oversized rings that appear to be sports or class rings? You might be thinking the bigger, the better. However, overly sized jewelry can come off as tacky and cheap! A true man’s elegance and grace are defined by his subtlety and not his ability to flaunt!

Do Have Jewelry Costume Made for Your Frame

For smaller wrists and fingers, a thinner band will look more proportionate. However, if you are a larger man, then make sure your jewelry is not too tight as this can make your jewelry appear cheap.

If you’re not too sure what your ring size is, a skilled jeweler can help you measure your ring size.

Don’t Mix Different Jewelry Colors

One of the biggest mistakes men do when wearing masculine energy is that they mix different jewelry together. For example, wearing a gold necklace with silver rings will make your outfit appear disarranged. Instead, wear one kind of jewelry style and match it with your whole outfit!

Do Match Your Jewelry to Your Outfit

This might be redundant but wearing the right jewelry style and matching it to your outfit is key! For example, if your shoes and suit are black, wear silver jewelry to accentuate this color. You can even wear a silver belt buckle to make everything come together more smoothly.

Summer is a great time to experiment with different styles and colors so take advantage and try different styles out!

So if it’s warmer outside and you’re wearing a nude or neutral-toned suit, wear summer jewelry instead. Summer jewelry is usually gold, white, or has natural stones.

Don’t Wear Jewelry That Doesn’t Match the Occasion

If you’re going on a beach vacation or maybe a grocery run then you dont need to be wearing expensive rings or chains. Instead, you can wear a simple bracelet or watch that still shows your personality but isn’t too overwhelming for the occasion. And the same goes for job interviews and other professional events!

Do Wear the Appropriate Jewelry

If you’re going to an important business meeting or interview, then the right attire and jewelry can make you stand out. For example, a nice Rolex is very appropriate for these kinds of events.

You can also wear a pen with gold or silver incrusted detailing to give you a more solid and cohesive look.

Don’t Buy Cheap Jewelry

Men’s jewelry shouldn’t be brought from cheaper jewelry stores as this could cause rusting or allergic reactions. Not to mention, having cheap jewelry is worse than not having any jewelry at all.

It’s always best to splurge on these single items because most masculine jewelry is timeless and durable!

Do Buy Good Quality Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is great but you need to consider quality over quantity. For example, most men would rather have one quality and high-value watch than multiple watches that need constant repairs. The same goes for necklaces, rings, and bracelets!

However good quality jewelry can be hard to find. So if you’ve been looking for the best masculine jewelry then check out badassjewelry.com!

Don’t Wear Obsurd Chains

In the early 2000s, wearing big gold chains was the symbol of wealth. However, now in 2021, this can be very tacky and unfashionable.

So try staying away from thick chains especially if they are not real gold! As we mentioned earlier, cheap jewelry can appear tacky. And when you mix the tackiness of a thick gold chain with bad quality, you get a very bad look!

Do Wear Gold Necklaces

If you like gold chains you can modernize this piece by wearing gold necklaces. You can also wear a gold necklace with a nice end piece like a cross or something that is significant to you.

However, if you really like the look of a chain, buy one that is smaller in size. A medium-sized chain that is of good quality can make for a great statement piece. But be careful how you style these jewelry pieces.

For example, if you wear a gold chain and tracksuit, you might start to look like a mobster! Instead, wear gold chains with suits or all causal all-black outifts!

Wear More Masculine Jewelry

Overall, masculine jewelry is very simple and the right styling can make you look like the top dog! So don’t let the fear of appearing less masculine stop you from wearing jewelry.

Because once you follow these simple steps you’ll be sure to wow everyone around you. If you enjoyed this article, check out the rest of our website for the latest news!