A University Degree At The Age Of 6

A University Degree At The Age Of 6

Although strange to hear, the Belgian boy is only about to graduate from A University Degree At The Age Of 6.

It is said that he will be receiving his degree in December and if so, he will be the youngest university degree person in the world.

The boy, Lauren Simone, told the BBC that when she was only six, she started studying in high school.

She hopes to finish her studies in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University in Holland next month.

She started studying at this university when she was eight.

Lauren says her dream is to create an artificial limb and that’s why she now wants to study medicine. In particular, he wants to create an artificial heart.

The school was not a very pleasant place near Lauren. She says, “A school is a lonely place.”

But he likes to play computer games with friends. He also claimed to be very lazy.

Loren told reporters that she did not play chess and could not play any instruments. But he loves playing ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Minecraft’ games on video and watching pictures on Netflix as well.

Lauren’s memory is very intense. He can remember everything like a picture. His IQ3, which is close to Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ.

Lauren’s father, Alexander Simon, is a dentist. She said they did nothing extra for her child.

“And like everyone else, he used to go to school. His teachers used to say that Loren was very talented. They would give him extra work. He would take some extra tests.”

She said they have no explanation for how her child studied so fast.

Lauren’s teachers say she can learn everything very quickly. They have never met such students before. That’s why they call him “Genius”.

However, Lauren is not just like other extraordinarily talented people. She also spends time on social media. Until last Friday, the number of followers on Instagram was 5.3.

Lauren was born in Ostende, Belgium. That’s where she grew up with her grandparents. Her parents then worked in Holland.

Lauren’s father said she started primary school at the age of four and when she went to high school she was six.

He finished his six-year education in just one and a half years.

Now she lives in Amsterdam with her father and mother.