With Portuguese-speaking guides, agency presents packages to Egypt

With Portuguese-speaking guides, agency presents packages to Egypt
With Portuguese-speaking guides, agency presents packages to Egypt

There, Egypt. Known worldwide for its architectural and historical riches, the country located on the African continent is a destination rich in adventures and rarities, such as the Giza sphinx, the pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the Nile River, Philae Temple and several museums. Can you imagine just knowing the places where the pharaohs lived? These are unique moments.

Aiming to expand the ancient culture in Brazil, the Luxor and Aswan Travel agency is offering special conditions for those who want to make a trip to Egypt and cross the Atlantic Ocean in search of fun. On the market since 1955, the company has made more than 200 thousand trips and invests its chips in caring for its users.

One of the innovative actions is carried out with a group of guides, who speak Portuguese – among other languages ​​- and help visitors so that no one misses any remarkable moment in the land of the pharaohs. The payment conditions and the formulation of the tour itineraries are made with the backpackers, who can previously see the particularities of the chosen destinations.

I bet you are already hitting that urge to pack your bags. So, this desire will increase now after you see this list of the best destinations in Egypt:



The great Egyptian capital is full of historical and cultural attractions, is known as the city that never sleeps. Fill your eyes with its beauty, offering great walks like:

● Pyramids of Giza

If you are there, you can’t miss them. The buildings are considered as one of the most important of humanity, built around 2,700 years BC One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, they are still a mystery today. How did people at that time manage to lift the stones so high? Go there, find out and then tell us, okay?

● Egyptian Museum

Bringing several rare and enigmatic objects from Egyptian history, the museum has masks, treasures belonging to the pharaohs, rooms for mummies and sarcophagi – things you probably only heard about in the movies, right?

● Khan el Khalili

The largest open-air shopping street in the city is one of the regions where most people circulate in the country. It is configured as a large bazaar with an immense variety of products, from hookahs, jewellery, handicrafts, food to local clothes and spices. Whoever goes there also guarantees a visual experience, as the decorations are colourful and extravagant.

● Citadel of Saladin

One of the most beautiful and historic buildings in Cairo, it was erected in the middle of the 12th century at the time when Muslim leader Salah El-Din, known as Saladin, commanded military troops. The objective of the work was to protect the population from possible enemies. Years later, the site ended up being the seat of government in Egypt for about 700 years.


Known as one of the most luxurious in the country, it features buildings bathed in gold, pharaonic tombs spread over several regions, valleys dedicated to the rulers of the past and much more:

●  Valley of the Kings

With more than 60 tombs of pharaohs from ancient and new Egypt, the region is one of the most sought after by tourists. It is known that the rulers were buried together with their treasures, which in itself would give a beautiful experience since the extravagance and the adoration for eternalizing their actions were common characteristics of the sovereigns. It is worth remembering that the place is a UNESCO world heritage site.

● Luxor Temples

The region is located where years and years ago was the city of Thebes, capital of the New Egyptian Empire around 1550 BC Surrounded by statues that honour leaders of the past, it is referred to as the largest open-air museum in the world. Highly preserved, it includes preserved history, includes sculptures and relief shrines that have remained intact over the years. There are more than a thousand years of history told through architecture.

●  Karnak

Present in the city of Luxor, the Karnak museum is considered one of the best and most incredible in the country, and according to historians, it was developed over a period of 1500 years. Over the centuries, the buildings that include shrines and columns were used for services in honour of the sovereigns of the time, maintaining the grandeur of the place. Several statues and writings were designed to be faithful to the traces of the pharaohs and to perpetuate their reigns over future generations.


Located close to the Sahara Desert, the region is home to important museums and escapes the hectic pace of other popular metropolises in the country.

● Vila Nubia

The region is bordered by Sudan and is an important connection with other African peoples. The population is known as one of the most welcoming in the country and the tourist spots vary between simple and rich.

●  Philae Temple

Home to one of the most important works in Egypt, the place is dedicated to the goddess Isis. Remembered in mythology as responsible for magic and love. Through scriptures, reliefs and drawings, the environment presents a bit of the troubled life history of the entity, which among other things, married his brother Osiris, and later generated Horus.

●  Abu Simbel Temples

Built at the time when Pharaoh Ramses II was the sovereign, the buildings were built close to the River Nile in order to show greatness before other peoples, in addition to eternalizing the figure of the ruler. One of the temples is in his honour, with huge pilasters and scriptures of the most varied types, while the second is in honour of Queen Nefertari, one of Ramses’ wives.