Amazon Coupons As a Seller Strategy in 2021

Amazon Coupons As a Seller Strategy in 2021

Amazon has a lot to offer to the sellers. A seller however requires to follow the Amazon guidelines and terms of services to continue selling ethically on the platform. One can promote one’s products in many ways to get the ultimate best sellers rank. But you are not allowed to earn it illegally. A few sellers try to process fake orders to get the BSR for their products. Similarly, others tend to practice black hat techniques for better organic search results. All such things lead to suspicion and suspicion leads to suspension. The PPC and SEO are good options to try when it comes to organic and paid Amazon promotions. But even in these cases, people try to get the giant spike in sales on a swift basis. And, this is what leads to detrimental outcomes. Tell you what; you can try multiple options when it comes to promotions.

It is easy to get the best sellers rank for your products even with ethical practices. A lot of sellers try multiple options but very few tend to use coupons. You can create coupons in seller central and can boost your sales ethically. There is no need to travel the extra mile when you have this wonderful shortcut to get the BSR for your items. You can visit for more details about how to use the coupons to the best effect. You can get full value out of this wonderful option.

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What are Amazon coupons and how do they work?

Amazon coupons are an option given by the platform to create promotional coupons. You can get to your seller central account to create the coupons. It is easy to do that as you can easily find the option in the toolbar. They work very much similar to the traditional coupons and lure a buyer with something splendid. You can promote sales by using the coupons in the conventional world and that applies as it is on Amazon as well.

Coupons on Amazon are a wonderful option to try while looking to promote sales. But it is good to know that they are different from useful options like same-day delivery, free shipping, discounts, and things like buy one get one free. You can use coupons to boost your sales.

How to promote coupons?

Creating coupons is not the only thing that you need to do. You will also have to promote your products with coupons. You will have to create a promotional campaign to lure your buyers with the coupons. No one will be able to know that you are offering rebates or useful coupons on your products if you are not going to tell it. Reach and engagement is key in making good use of the coupons.

Social media: You can do it by using social media accounts. You can consult a Facebook ad agency for example to run campaigns on one of the biggest social media platforms. You can also try Instagram and Twitter to distribute coupons. Now when you are selling online then these are the only options to try for distributing the coupons.

Affiliate marketing websites: They can also prove useful in promoting the coupons for your Amazon account. You can add links to the products with coupons to make the packages look even promising for the buyers.

What works the best: percentage-off or dollar-off coupons?

You can create coupons both ways i.e. you can offer a percentage-off on the price and can also offer the dollar-off. But the point is which one can work better for your business. Well, as far as discounts and rebates are concerned buyers will welcome a rebate in any form. But it is good to keep things clear for the buyer. You know calculating the percentage-off is never easy for every buyer especially when rushing through multiple offers online. No one can instantly grasp that what 5% less will render to one. But a $5 discount sounds crystal clear to the buyer and one will decide quickly on such an offer. It is therefore always recommended to use the dollar-off coupons. They work best as compared to the percentage-off coupons.

Benefits of using coupons in the promotions

Coupons are as useful and productive during online selling as they are in the conventional world. One can make good use of the coupons to promote one’s products on Amazon. Some wonderful benefits of using the coupons are described below.

i. Discoverability

Since Amazon has allotted a separate page for the products with the coupons. Hence your products are likely to remain discoverable to the buyers. And, you will get it all done without running the PPC campaigns. Amazon will keep on appearing your items on the dedicated page so you can get better reach.

ii. Better engagement

Amazon will offer only the coupons and customers will have to visit your product page for more details. The coupons can thus be considered as great tools to bring more traffic to your product pages. You can engage better with your prospective buyers by using the coupons on Amazon.

iii. Branding

Coupons create free brand awareness for your products. All coupons on Amazon have to badge and that’s what makes them discoverable for the buyers. They can easily catch the eye of a prospect. So your brand is likely to interact with more buyers for free.

iv. Targeting

Better reach and best visibility are not the only things that coupons offer for free. They will also let you target specific buyer groups without worrying much about the fees. You can select students, moms, or prime members to show your coupons. You can surely focus on your endeavors by using the coupons perfectly in your favor.


Coupons can be created to promote products. It is a good mode of promotion for sellers that are looking to boost sales on a swift basis. One can offer percentage-off as well as dollar-off in the coupons. But it is good to make clear calls when it comes to offering rebates and discounts. The coupons are great tools for brand awareness. They can surely enhance the sales velocity and can help earn the best sellers’ rank as well.