Path of Exile: An Introduction to the Harvest Economy

An Introduction to the Harvest Economy
An Introduction to the Harvest Economy

The launch of Path of Exile’s Harvest expansion saw a number of changes made to the game. This wasn’t just based on PoE currency, or PoE orbs as such but rather the economy itself. It in fact brought about a new league mechanic as well as new enemies to fight that would be manifestations from the players themselves.

But Harvest brought about changes that other expansions hadn’t really focused on, which would create a new system altogether where PoE currency was concerned.

PoE Currency and Choosing Stores

The currency system in PoE doesn’t really work in a traditional way. You won’t see common terms like coins or gold or anything like that, but rather a variety of different forms that all feature under the PoE currency umbrella. Those who purchase the currency have an advantage on the likes of PoE trade, but finding a store that you can rely on for certain items online can be tough. This can make the art of trading difficult but can be effective when you do find a site you can trust.

You should make sure that you find a store that has a full star rating of at least 90% on third-party platforms, so keep an eye out for that. Typically, a good store is considered to have a Trustpilot rating of at least 4.5. To get an even better idea, keep an eye on reviews from past customers and make your judgment as best as you can. The language used is something to pay attention to so that you can differentiate between what’s a real customer review and what has been manufactured by the merchant themselves. If you are really unsure, then contact the customer services for that particular website is always a great way to put your mind at ease.

Finding the Best Deal for You

Now that you might have an idea of the store that you are going to look into, you need to find the best value amongst your choices. The problem with this is that the price of PoE currency fluctuates a lot, though it doesn’t have that much of an effect on the quality of the currency itself. With that in mind, you will need to try and find comparison websites through third-parties so that you make the most of the currency that you’ve got. That way, you will be getting the same amount of currency for a lower price.

What’s more, you want to focus on how secure the currency is. Your main area to be concerned with is the use of illegal currency. This is because the use of currency that is deemed to be as such will be detected by the system, and you could end up getting your account banned. This is why you need to ensure that the currency that you are dealing with is legal and safe before delving into purchasing from an online store.

Stability from your supplier is a key component to success here. Find a website that can offer you this, and you will be golden. You want to find something that has real people dealing with you that are genuine but can also deliver it to you in a timely manner and in a reliable fashion to get the stability you need for such a transaction.

There will be a security system in place when you are looking at reliable sites, which are there to protect customers such as yourself so that not only does the transaction go smoothly, but so it will also stop any of your personal information from being leaked online. Reliable sites will use a practice where once the transaction has been completed and the order has been received, the system will then cancel the information given by the customer so that it cannot be viewed by anyone again and you can carry on about your business uninterrupted.

If all of these precautions have been met, then you are more than likely safe to start a PoE trade with that particular website. There are some great options out there to choose from, so just find the most reliable you can for your PoE currency and then see which one can offer you the currency that you need for the lowest price. We have seen ways in which the economy has evolved with Harvest, so now might be a good time to explore it even further if you are planning on taking your Path of Exile experience further.

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