Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Ideas For Drawing

Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Ideas For Drawing

Things to Draw.

Very unusual book. More precisely, it’s not a book at all! It is a sketchbook. Not a mini album like sketchbooks usually, but a heavy one. It is long enough! It is possible that for many years because the same task (if you do not immediately take all the space reserved for drawing ideas and leave a little room for the future) can perform several times. Or – draw the whole family!

The beauty of this book is that it suggested drawing unexpected things, even if yours (and especially the children) would never cross my mind to ask myself to remove. We are training! We were also offered to draw a scream, a sense of humor, and fresh air. Makes you smile! In this case, the book provides a severe practice; even an experienced drafter can think of some work here.

The book unfolds neatly, the pages tight inside.

But the kids, oddly enough, the activities weren’t busy. Even complicated. They can always express their idea of a phenomenon or thing. Difficulties arise when an unfamiliar word is encountered. It was an occasion to talk and explain. We appreciate our vocabulary and develop creative thinking.

To make it easier for kids to start drawing here, you first take a book, open it, preferably initially, and feel free to remove what is provided. On the first page, we have cookie cutters and a cradle. Even if you do not know how to draw, portray somehow holds the pencil for the first time after childhood. Then the kids will save you – they will take the initiative and draw for themselves. But it’s hard to start an excellent book, sorry!) so that the kids need help – begin the line drawing process that you can’t stop later.

Children’s drawing – lollipop.

Thanks to this book, you understand that you can draw things that everyone understands (there are many activities in the book, we will practice with different things), essential concepts, and even some impossible stuff on paper! Inspirational book! In a new way, his eyes are opened to art. And in the paintings, it becomes interesting to know where and how the artist describes the wind? Or warm. Or something else that previously hadn’t happened to imagine.

For kids, the album solves the problem, draw. Don’t know how to remove it? Children always paint with delight when they know that, but they have a big problem – difficult to solve, what exactly to draw. Everything is simple here: open any page, read assignments, discuss, choose what we want to describe today. And you can go through the book from beginning, page to page, without missing a single task. You can see pictures, texts and write your image.

Significant here; there is no linear hint; otherwise, the fantasy is limited to simple redrawing. It would be best if you approached, you’re, decide how exactly we will draw it or that thing or phenomenon. It’s challenging but unparalleled more rewarding. If you (or a child) are thinking about drawing, for example, a worm, constellation, playing cards, or so can forget, and you will not forget it. You can probably express the image without at least many different options. It is the work of the artist, illustrator, designer. Not just draw, but invent and draw. Like nothing else has been removed.

Tasks will begin immediately.

For adults, the book allows you to train creative thinking and drawing skills on various objects. The activities in the book continue to vary: not with the first things, then the phenomenon, but all interspersed so that you don’t get tired of drawing something of the same type, you always have to switch from in the creative mind to the unthinkable and conceivable.

For those who have learned to draw, this is not a book but a natural teacher. Everything imaginative is simple, and this album is proof of that. Simple and complete. Not a list of tasks on a piece of paper and scattered sheets and albums, not an album with present sketches for redirection, and the whole book we draw ourselves every day. And you can – with the entire family. And thanks to the book format, the book is conveniently stored on a shelf in a cupboard.

For experienced drafting technicians, this book puts the extraordinary task at hand and provides an opportunity to learn how to create to a new level.

The very first activities are cookie cutters and a hammock.

If you always draw and everywhere, if your sketches are scattered in notebooks and notebooks, and it seems to you that you have removed everything possible. There are no new ideas, and then the notebook will be a natural gift for you.! (Notepad – to put it mildly, a great book!).

On the pages are original and funny ideas of what can be drawn and, of course, a place for drawing.

Tasks can find in various ways: for some, the entire page is left out, where the page is divided into two or more parts – along, across, or even diagonally. The division is always logical: if the page on the activities has a lollipop and a guitar. The page for them has divided along – for tall and long things.

In a notebook, you can draw yourself, practice the technique or test your skills (will you draw everything written?) Is it possible to collect cool drawings of friends in a notebook? It is great:

  • Let everyone who enters the house draw something on it.
  • Complete one of the tasks.
  • Leave their name and date at the bottom of the figure.

Such a book would be a true story!

A book for kids from 8 years old and all adults who love to draw.

205×260 mm, a little over 300 pages, and no intro: sheets for drawing immediately after the first title page. And to the very end. A brief description is at the back of the book.

Book (for the album) is quite expensive, however – if you think about it carefully, 300 pages of quality paper for drawing, firmly fastened to an entire book (well binding, the book opens, but does not come out the pages). For example – an album of all 50 sheets (for professional drawing, also great paper). Not cheap. And here’s the book of pages – more, sometimes.

Publisher: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. 2015 year.

For creativity, a regular album is suitable for performing tasks at an art school or for work (if you are an artist, illustrator, designer). This book is for relaxation and leisure. It is excellent as a purchase before a trip, for example, to a summer camp for children: then all the friends will draw in the book, sign the cool drawings, then remember it.

Printed in Lithuania, circulation of 3000 copies.

Examples of ideas from this book (a small part, because of the pictures here, like the cover, says), from the beginning and beyond in order: cookie cutters, cradle, anchor, dog, rocking chair, Van Gogh’s ears (for kids any ear is good), sandwich, musician, ottoman, corkscrew, emergency exit, whales, cottage, bushes, mushrooms, pigtails, dinner party, bubbles, fangs, pickles, washing, dolphin, button, oven, dessert and more.