Basic Tools for Everyday Garden Maintenance

Basic Tools for Everyday Garden Maintenance

Are you thinking about finally making that love towards gardening into motion and starting your little home garden? If you’ve been planning to start your shoveling and raking journey, you’ll need to equip yourself with proper tools first. Safety should always come first, and with that effectiveness and quality herbs and food growing. The way to do it is to invest in several basic gardening tools. With time, you can build your collection of tools and expand the garden while you’re at it.

Protect hands with quality gloves

First and foremost, you’ll want to protect your hands from dirt and the elements. Some days can be windy, others can be super sunny, in which case your hands need to be covered and ready to do the gardening tasks. Aside from protecting your hands from the weather, you’ll also want to be sure that tree branches or tool usage don’t harm your hands. Scratches, blisters, and cuts are common hazards that you’ll want to avoid at any cost. Invest in a pair or two of well-fitting gloves that will allow you to use the tools properly, and with enough grip without putting your skin in harm’s way.

Use top-rated knives

Have you ever seen outdoor aficionados go into the wild without a knife? Probably not. That’s because a knife comes in handy for all sorts of activities. To be sure you’ll always going to be able to cut the dead leaves or whichever other part of the garden, invest in the best quality OTF knife on the market and have it with you at all times. It can be safely carried with you all the time and quickly activated when you need it. The knives can help you get rid of caked-on dirt on your shovels or trowels. On top of that, an OTF knife is all you need for shaping your plants, cutting ropes, and opening bags of fertilizer, for instance.

Use top-rated knives

Hose/watering can keep the plants fresh

Watering your garden is of the essence. That is especially true during dry periods, which is why you’ll need proper watering equipment. A long hose is your number one watering tool. If you have planted some herbs and food at an unreachable location, watering can be a better alternative. It can also be of great use for your indoor plants. Don’t skimp on hose quality but invest in a durable enough hose that will be able to push through your abuse of being dragged around and exposed to the elements. Don’t forget about the nozzle too, so you can control the water flow and offer your garden only the best care.

Spades and trowels

Digging holes, edging, lifting sod, and moving dirt are just some of the gardening tasks that you’ll need spades for. Don’t doubt for a second that they will be a good investment, but splurge on quality spades because they will be your loyal gardening companion for years. Another useful gardening tool is a hand trowel. Aside from being very suitable, hand trowels are also versatile and more affordable than spades. Just like spades, a hand trowel will be very convenient for digging holes, moving the soil, and scooping to plant. A hand trowel with a broad blade is perfect for moving the soil while a narrower one will help you dig and weed much better.

Pruning shears

When your plants start growing out of control, anvil and bypass pruners will help you handle the plants in the safest way. If you’re having trouble with deadwood, anvil pruning shears are the best choice, but if live plants are wreaking havoc across the garden, you’ll need the bypass ones. Don’t forget to give your sheers and other tools a good scrub after you use them to prevent the dirt from accumulating and rust from developing. Store your gardening tools in a dry, well-ventilated shed or garage.

Gardening can be a very fulfilling hobby, allowing you to spend time outdoors and become closer to nature. When you decide to start your gardening journey, be sure to pick out the right tools first and learn how to best take care of them and use them. From gloves to shovels, knives, spades, and pruning shears – they are just some of the essential gardening tools that will help you out in your everyday garden maintenance.