Benefits of Routine Annual Exams

Benefits of Routine Annual Exams

Have you taken your annual wellness exam? It is advisable not to postpone your yearly screening. You can use the opportunity to address health concerns and prevent underlying health conditions. Spring annual exams from the attentive staff at Comprehensive Care Clinic is beneficial in the following ways.

Why opt for routine annual exams?

Annual exams are a series of age-appropriate tests to establish your health baseline. The process may involve taking blood pressure and heart rate data. It could also include tests to check muscle and bone function and screenings for vision and hearing.

The exams will depend on the patient’s medical history, gender, age, and current symptoms. Your provider may order additional tests based on the initial evaluation. For example, if you have symptoms of diabetes, your doctor will conduct blood sugar level tests.

To establish your health status

The primary purpose of the annual exam is to establish your health condition. Specific tests like cholesterol and blood pressure screenings provide a clearer picture of your cardiovascular health. 

By establishing a baseline, the screening result will provide information for future diagnosis. Your doctor may need to compare data to determine if the condition is progressing. The information can shed more light on the nature and severity of the disease.

Timely identification of potential health issues

Annual exams are an essential aspect of preventive medicine. The screenings can unearth health problems before they graduate into severe complications.

The lack of proper management or treatment may force the conditions to progress quickly, causing far-reaching health implications. For example, diabetes may cause kidney problems, skin inflammation, nerve dysfunction, and eye damage. Cardiovascular diseases can lead to problems, including peripheral artery disease, heart failure, and aneurysms

Reduce healthcare costs

Identifying health issues on time can reduce the time and cost required to manage the disease. Most conditions may only require evaluating and making the necessary life changes at the earliest stages. People at risk of diabetes can manage the condition with diet changes and exercise.

At advanced stages, conditions like heart disease and diabetes can be expensive to treat. Treatment may demand surgery and medication, requiring the patient to take time off work.

Consulting your doctor

Annual exams present the opportunity to discuss your health issues with your doctor. Your provider can review your prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter medication.

Some medications may have side effects that could affect your health. Your doctor may suggest vaccinations to prevent diseases.

Regular visits help establish a relationship with your doctor. It makes it easier for patients to discuss their health problems in detail with the doctor.

Transform your lifestyle to boost your health

The annual exam helps establish a health baseline, which is also beneficial for transforming your lifestyle. The data can inform your future health goals by detecting the exact areas of your life where adjustments are necessary.

Your provider may perform physical exams and suggest ideal exercise for your health. Consulting your doctor ensures that lifestyle changes are effective in transforming your health.

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