Best April Fools Pranks you have to Try!

Fools Pranks

There’s nothing more predictable than the same cliched pranks played on April Fool’s day, year after year.

Although this familiar day was somewhat effective in the ’90s when the mainstream media was only shown on 3-4 channels, today genuinely fooling someone is far more complicated.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile an April Fools Pranks list that will bring this special day back to its former glory. So you can genuinely trick friends even when they’re in the loop!

So without further ado, let’s begin!

The Prank Call

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can a standard prank call be included on an April Fools Pranks list? Well, instead of your typical call, we recommend downloading the OwnagePranks prank dial app which offers a boatload of additional features.

The app provides over 100 pre recorded calls, each containing a unique prank scenario applicable to almost any situation imaginable – a neighbour accusing you of playing Tina Turner at the dead of night or an angry uber driver who arrived too early.

While many prank calls are poorly executed, prerecordings from a prank app are recorded by professional voice actors, guaranteeing you’ll get the best reactions almost every time. Here is how to make a prank call, just by following the steps below.

Prank steps:

– Download a prank dial app (We recommend OwnagePranks as it’s our favourite)

– Choose a prank script, select your contact and call.

– Calls are recorded as you listen to your friend’s reactions

Dirty Diaper

This prank edges on the line of being inappropriate but hey, on April Fool’s day it’s sometimes good to be a little daring and unconventional.

Perfect for families with a baby, you’re going to need a bar of chocolate or peanut butter and a clean diaper. As most of you can probably guess, the next step is to melt the chocolate and smear it all over the baby’s diaper.

Call your spouse or another family member to see the devastation and start eating the melted chocolate or peanut butter in front of them, savouring every scrumptious bite for added effect. For sure, you’re going to get some memorable freak-out reactions!

Prank steps:

Buy peanut butter or a bar of chocolate and a clean diaper

Melt the chocolate and spread it over the diaper

Call a family member to witness you eating the smeared chocolate or peanut butter

Office Gift Wrap

Inspired by the extremely popular TV show ‘The Office’ (the American adaptation to be precise) we rate this prank so highly it just had to be included in our list!

From the hilarious persona of Jim Halpert who was shown doing this prank, you will need tape, scissors and an enormous amount of gift-wrap. The joke itself will be enveloping the entirety of your colleague’s office in wrapping paper.

Best played before or after work, when your workmate isn’t in, make sure to give yourself adequate preparation time to wrap all objects in their office, from their laptop to their pencils.

The interior design theme is up to you, whether you want a dedicated shrine to Pikachu or a glittery disco ball of an office, make sure to bring a lot of wrapping paper!

Prank steps:

– Buy your favourite theme of gift wrap along with tape and a pair of scissors

– Wait until your friend leaves their office

– Sneak in and wrap their entire office with chosen wrapping paper

TV Trouble

For this prank, you’re going to need a TV remote app that can access all household TV’s, letting users adjust the volume control and change channels from the convenience of their smartphone.

So how does this translate into a practical joke? If you have a flatmate, who’s relaxing from watching their favourite primetime TV shows this prank is going to work every time.

From here, how you mess them about is completely up to you. Occasionally change TV channels, or subtly adjust the volume level every 5 minutes to slowly build their frustration. The trick here is to do things patiently, which will reduce any suspicion that you’re involved.

Prank steps:

Download a remote control app that has access to every TV in the house

Change channels or disrupt volume while your friends watch TV

Play the prank in another room, reducing suspicion



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