Best Features of Superyachts

Best Features of Superyachts

There are so many reasons why there is no experience quite like sailing on a superyacht. Whether your are browsing a superyacht for sale or simply looking to charter one for a week or two, you should keep in mind some of the amazing unique features that come with superyachts.

What makes a superyacht?

The main differences between a normal yacht and a superyacht are the length and the amenities provided. Most yachts will comfortably be under 80 feet, while superyachts can easily be up to 200 feet, but usually between 150 to 200 feet.

Features of superyachts

Here are just a few of the glamorous amenities offered by superyachts.

Private Deck

While there are many decks open to the other passengers on the superyacht, the owner or lead of the yacht can have access to their own specific deck that will allow them to have an open space for them to enjoy themselves.


If you need to arrive or leave the superyacht on a moment’s notice, you will absolutely need to have access to a helipad. This will allow you to dock in calm waters and be able to make important meetings and events while still maximizing your vacation at sea.


One of the most important things to have on a superyacht is the crew that will help you and the other passengers onboard enjoy themselves is a well-trained crew that is familiar with the needs of everyone aboard. This will include a chef, diving instructors, fitness trainers, aestheticians, and masseuses.

Any superyacht you charter or purchase will have an expert crew like this ready for you when you sail. You can speak with the company through whom you make your purchase if you would like more crew members with even more niche specialties to meet your individual needs.