Best Flooring for Pets

Best Flooring for Pets
Best Flooring for Pets

When updating your floors, there are always many factors to consider while making your decisions. Also, a pet owner? Make sure you pick the best flooring for cats and dogs, and it’s at the top of your list.

Pets can damage your house real bad. Your furniture can be scratched. Accidents can cause stains and odors that won’t go away. A spill means that floors need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

So, if you don’t plan on banning your best fur buddy from the garden and don’t want your new floors to be destroyed quickly, you should invest in the best pet flooring.

Fortunately, there are many animal-friendly flooring available in online stores for your next home improvement project. We are a nation of animal lovers.


No matter how well trained your pet is, potty accidents happen. And apart from accidents, there are some other ways pets can bring water inside your house. Water can leak out of their bowls, they can bring mud to their feet and legs, they can cause damage after a bath or swimming, and you have to be aware that some dogs frequently drool.

Your floor can even get permanently damaged by moisture, if not cleaned immediately. If you have a pet in the house, it is highly recommended to have water-resistant or even waterproof flooring.


Pets are not like humans, and the nails of dogs and cats touch the floor when they roam around. This can easily cause scratches if you have brittle floors, as your pets’ nails are way sharper than yours. Add to that the natural scratching and scratching instincts of cats and dogs, and you have a whole lot of problems to deal with if your floor is soft.

Animal-friendly floors must be scratch-resistant, as completely scratch-resistant floors do not exist. This usually means harder flooring options. It’s also preferable to look for floors with a safe protective coating. You should also consider choosing designs where the scratch stripes will be visible than prominent.

With those criteria in mind, here you will find our pick for the top five animal-friendly flats.

Tiles/Stone Floors

Tile and stone floors are resistant to water and dirt and can be cleaned without any real difficulty. They can withstand anything your pet egests. This is for sure one of the most convenient options for house owners who are pet lovers.

Tile and stone floors work well with pets of all ages. Whether you have a new kitty who is still getting potty trained or a senior dog who faces difficulty controlling his bowels, these floors are very forgiving.

Even if you don’t trim the nails of your pets regularly, you wouldn’t need to worry about the floor getting damaged due to intense scratching.

Tile flooring can be very affordable, costing just $ 1.00 per square foot, although tile of the right quality can cost you up to $ 30.00 per square foot.


  • Waterproof
  • Very scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • It can get cold underfoot and can emit heat into the room in colder climates.

Cork floor

This is an excellent option for pet lover homeowners. It’s attractive, it looks like a wooden floor, and it’s microbial too.

What does it mean? Suppose your pet has an accident on the ground. Microbial floors are not likely to cause mold or bacterial growth if your pet makes your floor wet.

There will be instances where you won’t immediately realize that your pet has caused a potty accident on your floor, and microbial floors will forgive you for not cleaning it immediately by not letting any harmful bacteria grow. Another advantage of cork flooring is, it can absorb sound. Even if you’re in love with your pets, you may not like the noise of their feet that are stomping in your house, the cork is an excellent option.


Cork can be considered as a scratch-resistant flooring option. However, you shouldn’t think that it will never get scratched. It is always preferable to trim the nails of your pets.

Choose a light-colored cork floor to hide the existence of cat or dog scratches. And be sure to finish it off with a sturdy, scratch-free finish.

Cork is also a very affordable flooring option that costs between $ 2.00 and $ 7.00 per square foot. You can potentially find some good options online for even less. While cork floors are not entirely “animal-safe,” they provide some natural warmth, just like hardwood floors.